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Default Re: How many calories do you eat?

This was just discussed on another thread. Here is waht they say:

That is a good point for more Experienced guys but this posts purpose is for beginners I believe.
Although you have pretty much outlined how much food one would need on a cut, when we give advice to a person on a cut we talk about the BMR so I think its important to set some guidelines.

Here is a formula that works pretty well I think, which is very simple!

Multiply your bodyweight in pounds by 16, this gives you your AMR (Active Metabolic Rate, also called Basal Energy Expenditure), , then subtract 20% from this figure to get an idea what you daily calorie needs on a cut are.

So for a 150lb guy: for example would need 2400calories a day to maintain his weight, subtract 20% for a cut and you get 1920 calories
So a 150lb guy who wants to cut up would need about 1900 calories a day.

And to Illustrate Animals Theory above using his guidelines using the same 150lb guy eating 6 meals a day:
Protein = 150lbs x 1.5g = 225g x 4 = 900 calories
Carbs = 30g x 4 meals = 120g x 4 = 480 calories
Fats = 10g x 6 meals = 60g x 9 = 540 calories
If you add up all these calories you get your total for the day which is 1920 calories which is the original figure from using the above AMR formula!
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The reson for multiplying the 30grams of carbs by 4 meals is that you shouldnt eat carbs too late in the day and your carbs should come from vegetables at this time.

Keep in mind though this BMR formula is pretty basic and a proper formula is much more complex taking into account many variables, if you like I could post it, and you can play around with it to see what you get out of it!