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Default Re: How many calories do you eat?

Thanks for the reply, and to clear up your confusion I'll elaborate a bit where I was trying to keep my post shorter before.

When I say that I hear and read that my calories should be higher, I'm referring to just about any fitness magazine for women I pick up which is also where I found the formulas for female BMI and RMR and THR and the such. ButI also read about Krypto and Sicily eating 1800-2100 calories a day as well as many of the fitness queens in M&F Hers (though I know they are much more active and religious than me right now) and they look fantastic. One article in Oxygen mag said to never go below 1600 calories a day (any woman!) to lose safe weight, while another article posted a 1400 calorie diet.

I haven't read many of the basic threads on this site yet because as I begin to read them (like the advice you pointed to regarding only cutting caories by 15% that is posted here though I will go read it now). I have skipped over a lot of the info here and opt more for having direct questions ansered on the forums because I tend to think that that information I read here is geared for the guys who want to bulk while cutting.

I know woman also want to build muscle while losing fat, but that is the beauty of this new female forum, sometimes we just have to ask each other if what we read everywhere else for the guys will work for us too. When I develop a consistant and effective lifting program that burns more calories a day I know I can eat more, but I am just curious if I should be eating more now with only about 350 calories a day burned through excercise, a good 15 - 20lbs of fat to lose on a short (5'3") muscular body.

Thank you for your response though, I will go read more here.