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Now I'm CONFUSED!?!? J/K
First, in the examples you gave I don't see where anyone is telling you to eat 2400cls/day.(twice what you already eat)
In the nutrition tab above JW recommends a reduction of only 15% of your daily MAINTENANCE needs. So 1650+350*0.85=1700cals, or 1650*0.85=~1400cls/day. If you've been @ 1200 for the last two months you may want to SLOWLY build up to 1400 by say just 50cals a day. hold that for a week or so, see what happens and then continue up IF you feel better. At any point you see things reversing it'll just be a matter of dropping back down 100 or so. This is purely my take on this and there are MANY more people here who are well versed in the cutting Dept. and don't forget to check out JW's nutrition tab above. Goodluck!
1200 a day! Yikes my P/O drink has that many calories alone.
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