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Default How many calories do you eat?

The first question I'd like to have answered is am I eating enough calories? I am 33, 5'3" and 156lb with 27% BF according to the charts I find. I found a formula for calculating my RMR (calories needed just to function) and came up with 1450 calories, then I'm to multiply that by 1.4 to determine how many calories I need to maintain my weight and came up with about 1650 calories. Here's the problem (or confusion rather).

Supposedly I'm never to drop below my RMR of 1450 or my metabolism will fall. But to lose weight (or fat) at the reasonable rate of 1lb per week I have to eat 500 calories less a day.

1650 cal to maintain + 350 approx cal burn thru workouts - 500 calories to lose a lb a week = 1500 calories.

And I've only recently discovered this. What I've been doing for the last two months is eat approx 1200 calories a day at a ratio of 50/25/25 (P/C/F). I've dropped two dress sizes in 2 months and can see muscular development in my arms and legs and fat loss on my waist, so I know it's working in a sense - but I read all over the place that I should eat almost twice as much as I am to see better results. I see many great trainers say you should never eat less than 1600 or some say 1800 calories a day (for women).

If I'm not famished, if I seem to be losing fat and maintaining muscle mass, is 1200 - 1300 calories still too low? I'm a little scared to bump the cals up to 1800, but I'm willing to try it if I discover I can do it and still lose inches off my waist.