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<blockquote><font class="small">posted by Jolie:</font><hr /> Ok so, I've moved back home for the rest of the summer. I'm not about to buy a gym membership here for like 3 or 4 weeks so I'm putting my creative mind to use here and training with calisthenics (body weight exercises) and outdoors forms of cardio such as walking, jogging/running, cycling and swimming.

My calisthenics include push-ups, TONS of abdominal work, squats, calf raises and dips.

Just wondering if anyone has any awesome suggestions, any awesome calisthenic exercises they have used before that they could share.

Thanx a bunch! [img]/forum/images/icons/wink.gif[/img] <hr /></blockquote>

you could also do walking lunges up a steep grade, lunge up and walk down. It's a great HIT workout that really burns up some fat, do it for 20min.
run bleachers at your local high school also..or run sprints on their track.
there is a ton of stuff to creative!
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