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<blockquote><font class="small">posted by Sara B:</font><hr /> Hi everyone

i am curious about what the point of theis seperate forum is. I mean we train like the guys and the nutrition is the same although we often get smaller portions because we are smaller overall but why are we being segregated?

are we supposed to be chatting about pms and bras and little pink dumbbells? sharing makeup tips?

it seems like if I post a question here instead of on the regular forums i am limiting the useful feedbak i will get. maybe not much though since plenty of guys are posting in here anyway.

am i missing the point? thanks! <hr /></blockquote>

What is the point? Yeah, I'd say you're missing the point. Well, let me see, see if I can think of them all. And I might mention the other gals made great points as well (and I'll probably end up repeating some)!

1. support/encouragement
2. no matter how many times a guy tells a girl that she won't get big from lifting, etc, etc, seems at least 80% of women would rather hear it coming from another woman who has "been there, done that".
3. to learn from each other, what works, what doesn't from personal experience
4. see how other women are dieting &amp; training, again going back to the fact that "well if SHE is doing that, then it should work very similar for me".
5. easier to relate sometimes woman to woman
6. guys many times have completely different goals than we women
7. and sure, to talk about girlie things, like how you may find yourself having trouble finding clothes to fit you right even though you actually look better, kinda hard to talk to guys about the way sports bras fit and other girlie things like how getting leaner affects your menstrual cycle (cause it does), etc

See the point now? You have no idea how awesome having a women's forum is! I am a member of another BB forum with a women's discussion forum and believe me, it's of GREAT benefit, makes you feel even more at home being able to talk to other women who are into fitness, being able to relate about things guys can't relate with you about! This is the best thing yet for Abc, you'll see!