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Default Re: what is the point?

Don't get me wrong, I love reading the Training forum but as a relatively new lifter, I get a little confused when the constant theme in all the threads are GET BIG, GET BULKY,Get Freaky, GET HUGE. Now before I get hit with a ton of GIRLS CAN"T GET THAT WAY UNLESS STEROIDS ARE USED, let me just say 'My brain knows that'.

I just don't know when that terminology is used what that translates into women's muscle development.

If I want Linda Hamilton (Terminator II) arms, do I train for 'big, bulky,huge' training style or do I go for
heavy, low reps. See what I mean?

If my personal goal is to turn this thin,pear shape of mine into something more proportionate, what should my strategy be?

If I want to squat 200 lbs and be able to do a wide grip pull up, do I just ignore all the comments about growing 'thickness' in my lats and assume this is what I need to do to accomplish my goal?

Didn't mean to ramble but I think there are enough gals on board who have accomplished some serious body goals that could help me and others like me to get out of this stagnant lifting routine.