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I think it's really interesting seeing the strength differences between us and different muscle groups. Everytime I see other natural women's lifts, I have to wonder why my biceps seem to be stronger yet my other muscle groups are the same or weaker than others with similar stats. Isn't that weird? Makes me wonder how and why that happens. And it's weird how my triceps have dramatically improved in their strength but yet they still have no size.

And Margie, you are just friggin strong girl! Maybe I should've had YOUR trainer cause you are almost the same stats at me yet much stronger! I am wondering if I will be doing those same lifts as you in another 2 years since I've only been at it 2 years so far. Right now on this cutting diet it ain't gonna happen cause I believe my calories are just too low for me to gain any strength and the fact that I had to go down in weight for some muscle groups! For instance, before I started that Beverly diet, I had gotten up to doing 45 lb dumbbells on the flat bench for 12 reps and now I can just barely do the 40's for 12 reps! That really made me frustrated but I figured it was to be expected with cutting. [img]/forum/images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

In any case, come October I WILL be eating enough calories to gain strength and hopefully MAINTAIN the same body fat! [img]/forum/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]