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Default Re: I\'m curious about your past and present strength

Those are awesome improvements girl! Way to go!! I would say you're doing great, especially at the age of 45! You should be proud of yourself!

My stats for 10RM before:
Bench: 60lbs
Lat Pulldown: narrow grip-75lbs.
Squat: 85lbs
Bicep Curl: 15lbs
Skull Crushers: 30lbs

My stats for 10RM now:
Bench: 80lbs
Lat Pulldown: narrow grip-100lbs
Squat: 115-120lbs
Bicep Curl: 25lbs
Skull Crushers: 45lbs

So these numbers are for 1 set of 10 reps max...meaning I fail on the 11th rep. And note that this isn't what I lift every workout. During volume training, I usually lift a little lighter than that so that I can get more sets in.
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