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Great thread!

Okay, so max for 8 reps very first time I started lifting, ooh, how fun!

Bench: 50 lbs

Lat pulldown (wide grip): 60 lbs

Squat: 155 lbs (actually a guess as when I first started squatting I used the smith machine)

Bicep Curl (olympic style barbell): 50 lbs

Did not do skull crushers when I first started but I know I couldn't even do 1 friggin dip when I first started, LMAO!

Max for 8 reps CURRENTLY (after 2 yrs 4 mo):

Bench, last I tried (have not benched for 5 months not free bench anyway, due to no training partner): 105 lbs

Lat pulldown (wide grip): 120 lbs

Squat, last I did them (I don't actually weight train legs anymore): 225 lbs for 10 reps

Bicep Curl (olympic style barbell): 70 lbs

Skull Crushers: 47 lbs for 12 reps

And now I do WEIGHTED dips, yippee! Did triceps yesterday and did first set with 10 extra lbs (added to my 140 lbs) for 12 reps! I'm pretty proud of that one. [img]/forum/images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

Also, if you look in my journal (in my signature), I actually kept track of all my lifts there for a while if anyone is wanting to compare, a little friendly competition is always fun! I haven't kept track now for a while, just got tired of it I guess, plus I'm cutting so my strength hasn't been going up any and in some cases it has gone down a bit. Come October I may start keeping track again as I plan on giving the cutting a break and focusing more on strength gaining instead. [img]/forum/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]