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Default I\'m curious about your past and present strength

When you first began lifting, how much did you lift a set of 8 for: (max means nothing to me. it seems to vary from day to day)

Lat Pulldown
Bicep Curl
Skull Crushers

Tell me after how many months,years later, what are you lifting in those same areas.

I've been lifting for 1-2yrs. I've seen strength gains but they have been painfully slow and not as much as I'd like. I'm lifting heavy but after reading Margie's post, I think I'm going to try alternating heavy,mod,light. Oh yeah, if you don't mind, give me your age. I wonder if my slow progress has anything to do with being 45.

My stats

Bench- 30 lbs
Lat Pulldown 50 Squat 65 Curl 10 SC 30

Bench 75-80
Lat Pull 75
Squat 125
Curl 25
SC 45