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<blockquote><font class="small">posted by sicily1962:</font><hr /> ...I train in a 3 week cycle: Heavy 3-6, Moderate 8-12, Light 12-15. I alternate each body part each week.
So if i go heavy on chest one week, the next day when i do back, it's moderate and so on. I never go heavy on every body part in the same week.
... <hr /></blockquote>

Great advice Margie! I like it!

I'm thinking I should try that alternating training. I train each bodypart once a week but I train them all pretty intense in the 8-12 rep range, utilizing shocking methods and whatever else I think up but I've never really done the alternating light and heavy thing. No wonder I'm getting so spent! It wasn't a problem when my calories weren't cut but now that my calories have been cut to 2000, I have definitely noticed the difference in my stamina and recovery time! That's one reason come winter time I'm going to bump my calories back up to maintenance and focus on gaining strength instead of losing fat, cutting sure gets old! I miss feeling strong and energetic, taking on the weights with an intensity! This cutting of calories sucks! Anyway, this is why this women's forum will be so good, we can give each other great ideas! [img]/forum/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]