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<blockquote><font class="small">posted by luvmypt:</font><hr /> ... In general, do you do anything significantly different in weight training from the guys? Do you do this bulk/cut/maintain style of nutrition? What about your cardio? Is there anything you've read that the guys do that just doesn't seem to work well for us?

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Nope. I've always trained right alongside my hubby. I lift enough weight for my muscles to fail in the 8-12 rep range which is significantly less weight than hubby of course. Personally I have tried bulking but only for a month and I couldn't seem to get past 142 lbs but truthfully I probably didn't do it the way I should have anyway, it was more of a fun thing to try. I will be doing something similar to the guys though. I plan on cutting until the weather starts turning cold then I'm gonna bump my calories back up to maintenance to slightly above maintenance and concentrate more on getting stronger rather than losing fat. As far as my cardio goes, no different than a male mesomorph (body type) for me. I think cardio is more individual than it is gender oriented. And as far as the last question, I still say it is purely an INDIVIDUAL thing rather than there being differences in gender. It's still a "find what works for you" sport for both genders. My 2 cents. [img]/forum/images/icons/grin.gif[/img]