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My "Pre-Wake up Call" meals:

Pck up an biscut sandwhich at a fast food restaurant, on the drive to work.

at work I would add an additional breakfast items, ususally eggs with hasbrown and gravy

Snack: Candy bar or two, and a 20 oz soda

Lunch: main course entree (usually something fried and greasy, like fried chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob.

The appetizer was greasy burrito, a bowl of soup, and another soda.

Afternoon snack was ame as morning snack

Dinner was whatever my wife cooked, several large portions, and I would eat what the kids didn't eat.

My new diet, while lacking a change-up from this, and actually a lot healthier that all the greasy crap I use to eat
Quick Biography:
Concurently raced bicycles & lifted until 97, dropped off the scene, got fat, came back in tohe scene in 01. Working on geeting back to the 180 lbs 10% bFat range.
I also Disc Jockey a lot of club stuff, with a specific attraction to Breakbeats and Drun n Bass, I also do Trance, but not much house. I have been caught do top 40 gigs! I carry a 160 mb MP3 player and a Palm 105 in the gym to keep track of my gains.