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Default Cynthetek\'s Comeback

In short, I coming off a 4 year "break"
I am 5'9", when I got back in the gym I weighed in at 245 lbs. That was November 1, 2001.

A blocked intestine was a motivating factor to get back into the gym and get back in to shape.

I was involved in competitive cycling from 93 to 97, just went flat and drop out of the scene.

Currently I am weighing in at 215lbs< working into a restrictive but forgiving cut routine.

My current supplements are:
Phos Fuel, Diet Fuel, Super Vanadyl Fuel

My meals are a mix of SlimFast or a Met-RX bar not to exceed a total of three, and a moderate sensible dinners. The program is overly strict, so I can "cheat" without being in a risk of binging. When I cheat it is is controlled moderation.

I am in the gym no less tah 6 times a week, and no more that 10. The afternoons are my primary lifting time to build up Lean Tissue. Teh occasional morning is alightweight spped version of the evening workout, just to kick up my metabolism for the day.

Being that I have lost 30 lbs of fat, and have developed some muscle gains, I am currently in the "fluffy" stage where the muscles can be noticed, but lack any true cut or definition.

I would love to work a pure gain routine, but I want to cut down to around 180-190 before I look at making major changes in my program.

LeanGainer or Met Max will replace Breakfast and lunch next month. Slimfast while not the perfect
choice is serving its purpose.

My diet lack a lot of real food, I don't have the time to make a lunch, and the food service at my job is the quality of rejected Am/PM mini mrket fare!
Quick Biography:
Concurently raced bicycles & lifted until 97, dropped off the scene, got fat, came back in tohe scene in 01. Working on geeting back to the 180 lbs 10% bFat range.
I also Disc Jockey a lot of club stuff, with a specific attraction to Breakbeats and Drun n Bass, I also do Trance, but not much house. I have been caught do top 40 gigs! I carry a 160 mb MP3 player and a Palm 105 in the gym to keep track of my gains.