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Default I\'m here up (No Comments)

Today is my first day back to working out in like 3 months. Every single muscle is gonna feel like $#!T after this first week. I am working out at my school so hopefully I will meet some hotties [img]graemlins/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
Anyways, I plan on working Chest/Triceps/Shoulders, 1 day rest, Back/Biceps/Forearms, 1 day rest, and then Legs.
Here is my proposed workout for the day:
3 sets Dumbbell Bench *Supersetted with Dumbbell Flies*
3 sets Dumbbell Incline Bench *Supersetted with Dumbbell Incline Flies*
3 sets Dumbbell Decline Bench *Supersetted with Dumbbell Decline Flies*

3 sets Tricep Pushdowns
3 sets Skullcrushers
3 sets Behind the back Dips

3 sets Shoulder Press *Supersetted with Frontal Raises*
3 sets Upright Row *Supersetted with Lateral Raises
3 sets Shrugs

So that is my proposed workout, I'll come back tonight and tell you if I actually stuck to it.
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