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Default Re: Chibo\'s Workout and Nutrition

Over ten years ago, in my last two years of high school, my family had a health club membership. I remember that I went quite frequently. Even though my skateboard friends all noticed that I had a big chest, I can see that my time spent at the gym was not so productive- I had no conception of a systematic workout. However, I do remember in the 12th grade being finally able to put my body weight (135) up on bench.

Also, I had no conception of sports nutrition then. Here I am just starting out my first bulk and I can see the truth in the statement "100% workout, 100% nutrition and 100% rest".

Anyways, yesterday's nutrition goals were met,
230g protein 230g carbs and just over 2200 calories.

Yesterday was BICEPS ONLY day, however I can see that Ishould have not done them so close to my chest/shoulders/tris workout. Here is yesterdays attack:

BB Curls
15kg x 10 (3 sets)

Reverse Curl
12.5 x 8 (3)

DB Hammers (concentration style)
7kg x 10 supersetted w/7 x 10 concentration
8 x 8 supersetted w/8 x 8 concentration
9 x 5 supersetted with 9 x 5 concentration

Finishing up with supersets of
Wrist Curls and Behind the back wrist curls
12.5 x 25 12.5 x 25
15 x 15 15 x 15
12.5 x 15 12.5 x 15

My forearms were totally on fire at this point, felt like chunks of metal!!!!!

And just to keep my mind pumped I did
17.5 x 6 (2 sets) of BB curl again

Overall I felt great about forearms, I also flet that my shoulders were helping out too much with the bicep part of the workout- even though I was concentratrating on form. No preacher bench and no EZ-Curl bar at my gym!!!!

Also, I had just come from a very busy day at work- so it was a challenge to keep my focus. Oh well, 4 workouts left in this biceps series, "Where do I want to go from here????!!!"

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