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12/24 2001 Monday

Today was so-so at the gym and GREAT in the kitchen!!

Meal 1
Oatmeal 20p 60c 7f 350cal
Shake 25p 10c 7f 210cal


Shake 25p 10c 7f 210cal

Meal 3 Crab Salad/pasta
Crab (220g) 38p .4c 1.2f 70cal
Dressing .2p 1.1c 9f 61cal
Lettuce ????????????????
Green Onions ??????????????

Meal 4
Shake w/yogurt 30p 30c 10f 340cal

Meal 5 Chicken and Veggies soup

I figured out the numbers, for today I have:
207p 201.5c 64f 2091cal

Tomorrow I will try to bump it up again by a hundred or so calories.

WORKOUT: Chest/Shoulders/Tris
Overall, I would put myself at between 60-70% effective today. Chest, well it was chest for me. The redeeming portion was the Delts, I left feeling like I showed them who's boss!!!

BP 50kg x 10
55 x 10
60 x 7
65 x 3
Moved immediately to
DB Presses (to concentrate on form)
10kg x 12
10kg x 10
10kg x 8 (just the smallest of rests inbetween)

Pec Deck Flyes
3 sets of 10, same weight. I could start to feel the burn at this point, but it was ever so slight. My Triceps had long since woken up (hence the "reverse pyramid" DB presses). It is only rarely I feel a pump in my chest, I must really spend time on bench to get it.

Finally- the money maker: Dips
8/8/6 supersetted with what I call "reverse crunches"- that lower back working thing....god I love the pump in the lower back!!!

Lat Raise
4kg x 12 Supersetted with 4 x 10 front raises
half a secs rest then
4kg x 8 (4 x 8 front)

I could really feel my left shoulder leave the realm of "good pain" and go to "bad pain" at this point on the lats, so I moved to
Military Presses
12.5 x 10 (3 sets)
8kg x 10 (2 sets, both hit failure)


Inbetween exercises of shoulders I was doing
Standing Triceps Raises
(sets of 5kg) and
Cross Face Extensions
(sets of 5kg)
I lost count of the sets, but considering all that my tris had done for me earlier in the workout they were pretty well pumped.

And just cause I knew I was the man after that shoulder workout, went back in after my post-WO punch and racked out a few sets of push ups...All in all I was in and out of the weight room in just a hair over an hour. Still would like my chest to feel as pumped as my other muscle groups do.......

and here are the dimensions that I promised:
Waist 82cm
Chest 104cm
Bicep 29cm (both the same, however the girl who measured it the other week had me at 33.....)
Thigh 49cm (both)
Calf 38.5 (r) 38 (L)
Forearm 25cm (r) 23cm (l)
Neck 38cm
Height 176.3
Weight 74.2
30y/o male
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