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Default Chibo\'s Workout and Nutrition

Starting this off here in December. My goals for nutrition are to put on some bulk. Not clear what weight to shoot for, I am going to trial and error this. Right now my dimensions are:

Weight: 75kg
Height: 167cm
Waist: 82cm
BF%: 15.2

Tomorrow I will get some more measurements and my average BW for the past 2 weeks.

Right now I am focusing mainly on my nutrition, but I will also be posting workouts. I plan to start with what approaches a 40-40-20 breakdown in my daily diet, I will see how this goes after a week or ten days. I understand that some people have better results with more carbs. Not knowing really what my body needs I will just have to rely on the helping hand of EXPERIENCE and RESULTS. Comments and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM welcome!!!!

Sunday, December 23
Meal 1: 2 Protein Shakes (50g protein)
Oatmeal (15g protein)

Meal 2: Fried chicken Salad with Italian dressing
Iceberg Lettuce 20cal/carb 3g
2 Fried Chicken Breasts cut-up and thrown in 700cal/carb 26g/Protein 70g/Fat 35g

Planned Meals:
Meal 3: Protein Shake

Meal 4: Chicken and Vegatable Soup
2 Chicken Breasts, boiled 500cal/70g Protein/18g fat
Carrot (in soup) 70cal/16g carb/2g protein
Celerey 5cal/1g carb

From all this I get roughly the following:
1915 calories 292g protein 46g carbs 53g f

Too much protein (shooting for 1.5-2% of BW) and not enough carbs....SOLUTION- take out one chicken breast in meal 4 and and pasta. Also, my carbs for Oatmeal and Protein shakes are unavailable, will check on those later. So from today I have to work on less protein and more carbs???!!??

Oh yeah----Today is rest day from Gym. Tomorrow starts weekly cycle- my choice between Chest/Tris or Back/Shoulders....hmmmmm...I really love both of these days.........
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