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Default Re: My story - If I only knew then what I know now

Well lets try to pick up where I left off. I am hooked on lifting. I love it but have not really focused on the goal for this years Arnorld until i saw an ad a few weeks ago and realized I only had about 12 weeks to get where I wanted to be (improved). I know I will not be as fit as I desire and I still have a long way to go but improved was my goal and I still have some time to reach it.

So what now? Well my first step after last years Arnold was to measure and these were my Results....245# and a disguisting 39% body fat.
Well I had made improvements before I had lost my focus but I was scared to see them now especially since I know now I have gained weight on the scale. However I have to know what I'm working with here so I measured.....260# and yet it is still high it is definitely an improvement at 25% body fat. I was shocked and man was I fired up this week to hit the gym.

One valuable tool I have returned to in my attempt to continue my progress is a nutritional planner tool that I got free at the Arnold last year. It is amazing how on track you stay with your diet when you have to enter everything you eat. Man...the guilt.

Well as it stand now if my math is correct my improvement are as follows:

Then...39% of 245 95.5 lbs of fat
149.5 lbs everything else

Now....25% of 260 65 lbs of fat
195 lbs everything else

9 months lost = 30 lbs of fat
45 lbs of lean mass

Thank you bodybuilding for educating me

I have a long way to go but I will get there. In the mean time I still have some work to do before I go back to see the classic this year.

If I only knew then what I know now.
If it is to be...It is up to me.