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Default My story - If I only knew then what I know now

Let's start off by saying that this thought will probably not be complete. I have to come back and finish it later because I probably won't have enough time to finish now.

My thoughts on my experiences are WoW! I wish I knew in high school what I have learned over the past year in terms of shaping my body in the fashion I desire. While I'm not there yet (are any of us?) I have made what seems to me to be huge progress over the last 9 months.

I started lifting about a year and a half ago after chasing the ever elusive loss of weight for 6 months prior to that. In January 2000 I weighed 265 (mostly fat) and that is when I decided to do something about it. I started out with all cardio(mistake) but the pounds came off.

About june 2000 I began lifting and was hooked from there. I began reading as much as I possibly could on the subject and learning as much as I could. I was worried though I was still "fat" and the pounds stopped coming off.

Lifted pretty steady for about 9 months till March 2001. I was getting stronger, I could see results, but no change in the scales. What am I doing wrong? In March I went to the Arnold Classic in Ohio, not for the bodybuilding side of it, I was there for the martial arts. My daughter was competing in the tournament there. I felt tiny walking around those shows with everyone in tip top shape. I've never seen such BIG people in real life. I mean you see them in the magazines but some of those people were freaky huge.

Those people were huge and I actually felt pretty good about my gains before I went(not so good after I got there). I assured myself that I would be in better shape this year when I go back. Now I don't want to get freaky huge, my goals have always been pretty much the same, lose lots of fat gain some lean mass. I know can't do both at the same time but who's on a schedule here? Isn't this about your own personal journey?

Well anyway I 'm gettin off on a tangent.

Well out of time. Share more later.
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