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I couldn’t get pictures unfortunately, but here are my cold measurements taken this morning 30 minutes after I got up.

CHEST: 45 1/2
UPPER ARM (L): 14 1/2
UPPER ARM (R): 14 3/4
FOREARM (R): 12 1/2
THIGH (L): 24 1/2
THIGH (R): 24 1/2
CALF (L): 16 1/2
CALF (R) 16 3/4

5'10'' at 220 lbs., but I do fluctuate a lot, up to 5 lbs. in a day. BF at 11-12%

The last 5 months or so for me have been fundamentally learning. I did a mini bulk (8 weeks); a mini cut (6 weeks) and a maintenance period (8-10 weeks)

No surprises in guessing than on the bulk I gained both muscle and BF (perhaps too much BF), the cut I stripped the BF reasonably easily and without any significant strength losses and the maintenance well I pretty much stayed were I was.

Overall gains were ok, they could have been better, could have been worse, but more importantly I now have a much better understanding of my body; my genetic strengths and weaknesses, my metabolism, what I can get away with eating and what are big no no's. What kind of diet I can stick to, what cheat foods I absolutely have to say no to, and what I will never give up.


Generally good. Have pretty good leg genetics and get reasonable gains without to much trouble.
Calves have seen the best growth. I have cooled off hitting them so hard to concentrate on other groups
Quads, Not bad, solid overall growth but now need to concentrate on the outer (vastus lateralis?)
Hams have seen the worst growth, but I have been lazy with them. Simply need to hit harder

I'm a lazy good for nothing with abs, and rarely hit them hard when (if) I train them. Problem is I often leave them to the end of a WO, but often run out of energy to train them fully, need to find away to incorporate them while I still have the energy to train.

Probably seen the best progress, but started weak. Have concentrated on lower back to improve strength and this has worked but it's difficult to "see" any growth. Upper back and particularly Lats have come a long way but they still have a long way to go continuing to train back with same intensity should pay off

By far my best feature, my traps are fantastic and I have had to cut back their training to prevent them from being out of proportion, particularly with my Lats. All Delts are good, Front ones are perhaps a little higher than the back, but a greater emphases on the back one should resolve this.

By far my worst feature, I have struggled to get any real growth and have only managed 1/2 inch in 5 months. They are seriously limiting my growth in other areas, particularly my chest. Tri's and Bi's are roughly to same size, which further identifies the weakness to be mostly in the tri’s. Arms and in particular tri's are number 1 priority for this year.
Forearms, have only started training them with intensity recently and I have seen some OK growth for beginning, not perhaps as much I should have though, and they are limiting better back development

Not bad growth in general, but as mentioned limited by arms, I expect that improvements in arms should assist with overall chest growth.

Medium to high, I didn’t gain anything until I hit 3700 and nothing significant until over 4000, I lost at around 2500, and sat tight a 3000. Give or take. Bearing in mind that these were mini cycles and didn't take my BF down below 9-10% on my cut. Didn’t use any thermos or equivalents on the mini cut, but did use dirty weight gainers on the bulk

A Plan will follow, for anyone to crit, but the bottom line is due to my high-ish metabolism I need to eat lots and often an 8/9/10-meal plan is needed. I find it very easy to eat clean, cheat meals are not a problem to me, and when I have cheated I've been put off of the food, Pizza on my birthday a prime example, as I was so sick after it. Other problems, I sometimes forget to eat, particularly on a weekend I get so occupied with what I'm doing I miss a meal. A very tight plan and an alarm clock should fix this though.

That's the general to date, Now all that remains is to start the first phase of my 2 year plan, with a bulk and the 24 mass program. I will be thirty in a little until 2 years. That birthday is my goal,

It's that simple