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Krog 01-01-2014 05:33 AM

I'm older, now how do I diet
I haven't posted here for probably 8 years. I learned a lot of information here and I used it to lose all my weight but now I'm turning 36 and the game is changing. I'm having big issues eating clean, my hunger pangs are extreme. If I don't take in a large amount of calories I feel sick to my stomach, light headed and dizzy. I'm trying caffeine, and eating often but I can't seem to trick my body into thinking it's getting enough calories. Now for the big issue, if I took in too many calories before I would just do more exercise and burn the excess off. But now my shoulder, back and knees are shot. I can do light activity just fine but even something as simple as pushups or situps I can't do many of, the muscle doesn't get tired the joints do. I need some good way to trick my body into not wanting so many calories. Anyone else have this problem or have some suggestions? Thanks

Gregsimo 01-02-2014 03:09 AM

Main thing would be to look at eating foods with a high satiety. These are pulses, grains, vegetables basically any food high in fibre. Also what will help is a protein source with each meal. One meal that always fills me up well is an omellete with a sweet potato. Or whole wheat pasta.
If you feel dizzy etc despite eating well, see your physician. Coukd be many causes ranging from low blood pressure, stress, to an overactive thyroid. Get it checked out.

Gibbster 01-07-2014 07:38 PM

High 5 to the 36 year olds!!

I did a program last year with Skip La Cour and probably the best thing I learned from him, was too many people don't actually KNOW their maintenance level because they've never given it a proper chance to be determined.

Try this:

Go to 3000 cals and stay there for 2 solid weeks and see what your body is doing with it.
As long as you're eating clean, you shouldn't gain any fat and for me, I was actually able to add more calories for several weeks while dropping bodyfat.

It reminds me of one cut I did several years ago. I had stalled big time and was deciding to give up on it. I added 1000 cals a day figuring I was going to go back to maintenance and I started dropping weight like crazy!

I too have issues with my joints. I find a Glucosamine/Chondroiten/MSM combo twice a day and Fish Oil 3 times a day help me immensely. So much so that my shoulders hardly ever bother me anymore (and I was ready to go in for surgery 2 years ago)

Algavinn 02-21-2014 02:29 AM

The way you describe it it most sounds like there are some imbalances that may be causing problems in your joints, or there is just general instability and lack of strength in your joint structures. I have some 60 year old clients rocking some pretty good weights without a problem. There are some changes as we get older but honestly 36 is fairly young to experience these. Typically what I tell my clients is that getting older mostly means you've just had more time for things to go wrong and wear down, not that getting old has as many actual effects based on age itself. What have you been doing as a job for the last several years? What kind of activity and exercise? What causes additional joint discomfort or pain, and can you describe the discomfort/pain/fatigue you experience?

rickck48 02-21-2014 02:36 AM

What about the number of meals each day? Have you tried like 6 small meals a day to keep hunger down but eat protein and drink a lot of water. Please understand I still a novice somewhat as I am ISSA certified PT. I also took their Nutrition program also but I do not like to set a meal for anyone if I have not seen them. Best of luck my brother. RTR!

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