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10forty2 08-19-2013 12:35 PM

Monday Morning!
Good morning Iron-Heads! Hope everyone had a good weekend, and are ready to kick Monday in the head!!

Monday's are leg days for me. Hit the squat rack this morning after a 15 minute warmup on the treadmill. One of the most complete exercises there is. It feels like I use every muscle fiber in my body to concentrate the power through my legs. There's no better feeling of exhaustion than to replace the bar in the rack and stumble backwards after hitting it hard for 5 sets. My weight is still light as I build the stabilizers needed to keep me from tumbling over when I go down. I like to emphasize slow, deliberate moves to ensure that I'm getting the most from the exercise. At the end of the last set, I'll throw in a couple of cheat reps just to make sure there's nothing left.

Then, it's on to the leg press machine for 4 more sets of presses to include calf work at the end of each set. Next up is the plate-loaded, seated calf machine for 6 heavy sets. Now, on to the leg extension then ham flex machine to completely finish off those legs. It's a love hate relationship on leg day. I love the workout, but hate the next three days of recovery pain. Toilets and stairs will not be my friends.

It's funny to watch the other young jocks in there benching heavy with VERY poor form...bouncing the bar off their chests and grunting like dogs, and then to look at their little stick legs and realize that they have probably never stepped inside of the almighty squat rack. Priorities my friends...priorities.........

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