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rickck48 08-06-2013 09:48 PM

ISSA training
I have a PT degree or certificate from the ISSA. I went and tried to find employment with this notice and every gym I went to said they never heard of them. They were all in M&F, and Flex. I know have an .edu now. Just wanted to if anybody else ever tried this program and had any work come up?

JoeKingPT 02-04-2014 02:01 AM

ISSA is certainly nationally accredited, but it's not as well known as the big ones (NASM, NSCA, ACE, AFAA etc.). I'm surprised the gyms you went to never heard of it, shame on them! With that said, I would rather like to see a more recognizable cert in PT applicants.

rickck48 02-08-2014 04:17 AM

I thank you much I was sure hoping I had not made a mistake. I guess out here in Alabama gyms would not have picked up on them yet.

JoeKingPT 02-11-2014 01:30 AM

I don't think you made a mistake with ISSA, you just need to find a gym that knows what they are doing! :)

freekycams 03-07-2014 06:00 PM

I don't did a mistake with ISSA.. yes

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