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Algavinn 06-24-2013 11:51 PM

A busy year and time away, I return.
Cheers ABC! It's been a very hectic year, with my minimum out-of-home time being 50 hours a week, not including errands and entertainment, most of the time being around 70+ hours a week, while working on my own home businesses. Among other things, from this last year, I went to school at the National Personal Training Institute with some seriously impressive players in the industry, and knocked down my NASM cert. I've finally made the switch over from hobbyist to professional tract and am starting my work in large part with diabetics and other clinical and semi-clinical needs clients, while hitting my physiology research hard and working the slow preparation for enrolling in a masters in a couple of years.

I've been too busy to breath let alone visit any of my favorite forums, socialize with friends in my area, or really just about anything else. In that time though I have also dropped from around 32-35% BF (its been a hard few years!) to 20-25% (Going to try to remeasure this next weekend based off calipers), my bulk and strength are getting close to my lifetime max's, and numerous dysfunctions and imbalances have been fixed!

It's been a long enough time away from ABC and a packed enough year that I thought I'd drop in and share, and see how you've all been doing and what you've been up to. I should post some before and after pictures too (I wish I had better before-pics, but life was too busy to remember), and I have a couple of academic articles I'd like to post as well, though I'll admit they're not as angled towards bodybuilding, as much as sports performance and hormone physiology.

Nonetheless though, I'm back, and how have you all been?

Commander 06-25-2013 07:26 PM

Welcome, you've been busy!

I would be interested in your before and after pictures. I would read the articles as well.

Thanks for sharing.

Algavinn 06-26-2013 08:35 PM

I'd be happy to publish the article here, though the main concern I have is that I have it published on and it's supposed to be an exclusive publishing for various benefits, but as it's already up, maybe we'll manage!

I'll toss up some before pics, and I'll take some "after" pics soon. I still have quite the stomach but just this last week noticing I have a discernible line between my quads and hamstrings on the outside of my leg is quite exciting!

In these two deadlifting pictures I was pretty happy, I spent my time at the institute rehabilitating a long ignored back injury, and I went from not being willing to deadlift even 100lbs, to deadlifting 300 again!

Algavinn 07-10-2013 08:41 PM

There, finally got to publishing that article I mentioned here:

After-photos yet to be taken.

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