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Yiannis 04-04-2013 04:48 PM

Questions for 13 weeks to hardcore fat burning program
I've started on Jacob Wilson's 13 weeks workout ( but I'm just unsure of what's to be done regarding reps.
For example 3sets incline chest press (12,10,8).That means that i have to go until total concentric failure on each set for the prescribed number?I tried to do this way and i used the same weight for the 3 sets.After reaching failure on 1st set with 130 lbs-12 reps,i used the same weight and i reached failure on 10 reps etc.Is this the right way or it could lead to overtraining?
The total volume of this day is around 27sets(chest,back,shoulders) plus the strips sets after almost each exercise.

Commander 04-04-2013 07:05 PM

For the very first exercise listed (decline bench on page 4) it states:
The last set you will go to failure

Even if the article didn't say that, I would personally never recommend going to total concentric failure on each set as you would fatigue very quickly and really tax the CNS.

The first few exercises are (12,10,12) in terms of rep recommendations. I would think that either means holding something back for the last set or lowering the weight slightly on the last set to get the additional reps.

This is a high volume routine and thus you have to be very careful with failure.

I would define failure as when your speed slows down significantly. You should not be grinding out reps to get to the prescribed number of reps or in an attempt to reach total concentric failure.

On the last set though, continue until you have a really slow rep and consider that your point of failure.

I hope that helps!

Yiannis 04-04-2013 07:49 PM

Ok but whAT do you mean that i should stop when my speed slows down?
I am trying to do all exercises with a slow tempo like 2sec concentric move-4sec eccentric move.I use this tempo because i feel a better muscle-mind connection.Also i read an article here in abc Count to 60 seconds and Grow Man GrowI found it very interesting and i am trying to follow it.So i give more time under tension on my muscles.
But how can i follow your advice regarding rep speed?

Commander 04-04-2013 11:00 PM

Eventually you would hit a point where a 2 second concentric would be impossible because you are fatigued and not producing enough force. Let's say you notice that it took 3 seconds to push the weight up. Then define that as your failure point and don't go past that.

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