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klosey 12-03-2012 09:55 PM

Anabolic Designs Aminotaur
Serving suggestions are a choice of preworkout 1 scoop, during a workout 1-3 scoops, post workout 1 scoop.
I chose 3 scoops in 1 litre of water

Have to say the mixability of the product is fantastic, It took a few shakes to get it to 'mix' and if you didnt shake it between mouthfuls no sediment settling to the bottom which to be honest i actually expect with all bcaa based products.

Great texture, mixes easily. no shaker required simply add to bottle of water shake 4-5 times and done... illuminous pink water!!! The taste is hard to describe this one is fruit frenzy... the only way i can describe it is fairground cotton candy...

After 'effects'
Pump/ vascularity .. hard to tell as im too fat to see any veins however on deadlifts there was increased pump in forearms and lower back then usual..

First Impressions are quiet is a good product, maybe something i would use in future (will know more after full log). its relatively competative with other products like xtend as the serving size is alot smaller..

Additional Information / NotesHICA.... if anyone doesnt know what this ingredient is look it up.. its a big thing right now and i love the fact its in the Aminotaur

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