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Algavinn 07-22-2012 09:06 AM

Getting into general shape for PT school?
So with my crazy schedule of 2 jobs (one graveyard one day) and trying to revitalize my own business, fitness, financial advancement, and career progress is not happening at all. So I decided to say screw trying to get things more stable before taking the plunge and getting back to school. The plan is getting my personal training cert from NPTI and doing that until I am ready to head back to uni for my registered dietician program. What this all means, though, is that I'm in pretty bad shape as I haven't worked out consistently in a year, am way overweight, and either in october or january am intending on doing a 6 month program where monday-thursday I'll be doing 2 hours of gym time minimum and need to get in excellent general shape for it.

After having lifted for 10 years and a lot of other general fitness/sports experience I certainly have my own ideas, but I thought I'd ask the community what you would do to get in shape fast, if you ended up having 2-4 weeks after quitting a job to do everything you could to get yourself ready for such a heavy constant long term work load? I would be generally considering 12-20 miles of cycling a day on my indoor bike, a 3 day on 1 day off split (lower, upper, abs/back [a particular weakness from an old injury]), focusing on mostly endurance and then some strength training, and a lot of flexibility work.

What would you all do? Feel free to be as specific as wished.

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