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srihariv 07-17-2012 02:12 PM

Please Suggest A Diet Plan

Please suggest me proper diet plan please. I want to loose weight not muscle. and what gain musclar body

I am from south india where white rice is main source of meals.
Currently i am following the eating plan(i am a software professional)

in weekdays

Bananas (2 or 3) & whey protien @ 8 AM
White rice (south indian food) @ 2 PM
Snack @ 3 PM
Bananas & whey protien @ 10 PM(As i am s/w i leave office lately)

I do the Weight training at morning for 1 Hr.

Please suggest me the good diet plan to achieve my goal in next 1 year

Commander 07-18-2012 01:33 PM

I am going to point you to several articles found on this website that you will find very helpful:

Read these and if you still have questions let us know.

I will say that White Rice at 2pm and a Snack at 3pm are not ideal. Carbohydrates consumed without protein is not ideal. You should include some lean protein with the white rice and maybe just eat a slightly bigger meal rather than consuming a snack 1 hour later.

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