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Maxwell95 07-04-2012 12:04 AM

First time cutting in 3 years.
Hey guys, I've been on a bulk for the past year and a half and finally made the decision to cut. I know plenty about bulking, training, etc., but when it comes to losing bodyfat and maintaining LBM, I don't know as much. I know a lot of the science behind it, but don't really know what to do exactly. I read an article called "The Ultimate Cutting Diet" by Dr Norton, and he told me the other day that while most of it is still correct, it is a little inaccurate since it's eight years old. I did the calulations for a Mesomorph using the method provided by Layne since I'm not entirely positive on my caloric maintainence and got 3150. It seems a little high, but within a 200 calorie margin of error probably. After doing a little math, I learned that I should be eating the following: 2750 cals, 250g protein, 61g fat, and 300g carbs if I want to lose around a pound per week. The other 100 calories or so he said to burn via cardio, so I do 4-6 30 second sprints to hit that goal. Normally I wouldn't really question Layne, but he did say that the article is 8 years old. What are you guys' opinions? I'm sure you all know more about cutting than I do and am more than willing to learn more.

EDIT: I'll link the article to you guys if I'm allowed to take you all over to a different website. I'm not sure what the rules about linking are yet.

Maxwell95 07-06-2012 05:53 AM

I think that I might just stay with my normal diet minus a couple hundred calories and do more cardio. That way I don't go too far under for sure.

Commander 07-06-2012 12:45 PM

I don't care for metabolic calculations, that aside, not much has changed with how to get lean over the years.

It requires hard work and consistency, much like it always has. Simpliest way to find YOUR maintainence is to track your diet for a few weeks while your scale weight remains stable. That is your maintenance. Then adjust accordingly to make a caloric deficit (create most of the deficit by dropping carbs, but also make sure you clean up your diet as well if you are consuming junk). Getting lean is mostly a diet issue, don't go too nuts with cardio.

Make adjustments as scale weight, performance in the gym and the mirror dictate:
1) If you are doing well in the gym, but the scale is steady, then adjust calories down.
2) If you are losing weight and losing strength rapidly, then adjust calories back up a bit
3) If you are doing well in the gym, and you are happy with the mirror while the scale drops about 1 pound a week, then keep calories where they are.

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