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JBLsilver 06-20-2012 10:29 PM

Ideas for snacks/lunch at work? Have fridge-need food!
I am currently trying to (once again) get my fat, weak *** into shape. This will include a diet change. And maybe less beer.

I need help with good ideas for bulking-fuel. I normally don't have time to prepare a lot of things in the morning, so simplicity is a must - things I can just keep in the fridge all week would be great!

I have a small fridge and a microwave literally within arms reach at my desk at work. I can eat basically any time throughout the day. I've recognized this recently as being quite advantageous to my bulking diet needs...

So heres my list so far for snacks:
1 bag of Sweet Sue chicken breast (3.5 servings - I can easily eat whole bag) = 1g fat, 13g protein. Probably add a little BBQ sauce or Mayo, or both.

Hard boiled eggs I can keep in fridge.

Peanut butter + ???

Whole wheat tortillas + chicken breast + whatever else makes a good wrap.

I normally make a big ham sandwich for lunch, or a salad w/cut up chicken breast.

Here's the sad part: I'm majorly allergic to milk products, including whey or most protein powders (as far as I know). So as much as I'd love to eat a tub of cottage cheese every day at work - I cannot.

Any more ideas?

Ratcat 06-23-2012 08:06 AM

I love these. I need some veg with them though.

5 Minutes in a microwave and they are great. :)

Legacy 06-24-2012 02:50 AM

  • Peanut/almond butter on rice cakes
  • Sliced turkey
  • Nuts (or even better; trail mix)
  • Peanut butter on celery
  • Sliced fruit
  • Jerky
There are non-dairy protein powders, such as soy protein, rice protein, pea protein, etc that may interest you.

As far as healthy choices go...
  • Protein: Chicken, tuna, salmon, turkey, lean beef
  • Carbs: Brown rice, quinoa, pearl barley, couscous, beans
  • Condiments/Spices: Pepper, onion, chili, teriyaki, white vinegar
  • Fats: Oils, nuts, seeds
  • Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, asparagus
  • Fruit: Apples, oranges, berries, kiwi fruit
I poach chicken on a Sunday night, freeze it, then the night before each working day i'll put it in the fridge to let it defrost. In the morning i'll cook up some couscous before leaving. I also bring with me some frozen vegetables (from a packet). All I have to do at work is heat them up in the microwave.

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