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scotsman 04-04-2012 10:12 AM

Short-Term Creatine Use
Thinking about starting to use creatine but not sure if I want to be using it long term: Does it give effect only so long as it is being used?

From what I've read it seems that while improving training (longer, harder), physical increases are more just the muscles swelling with water rather than actual muscular increase (- therefore if I stopped using creatine, muscular size would decrease to non-creatine levels?). Obviously muscle strength will increase through the period of usage owing to increased training, but in regards to bulking up, should I expect muscles to return to more 'normal' size?

Is this correct or am I misinterpreting?

Also any common "withdrawal symptoms" from creatine?

Commander 04-04-2012 11:49 AM

It is worth it to use long term because it is dirt cheap and a time tested, proven supplement.

You are correct that it brings water into the muscle and that the effects will cease once you stop using it. However, a hydrated muscle is a good thing, plus since it may also help you lift a bit more (due to more creatine being available for the ATP-CP energy system), you may achieve hypertrophy gains while on creatine.

The hypertrophy gains you achieved (due to myofibrallar and sarcoplasmic increases) are NOT going to simply diminish once you cease using creatine (although you may lose a small amount of mass due to decreased water retention).

Remember, while it may be hard to gain muscle, it is metabolically much easier to maintain provided your training is on point.

Add to the above that creatine is great for brain function and you can't lose.

gavin 08-31-2012 05:49 PM

Is diarhea a side effect (im taking krealk)

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