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nathandegrav 03-30-2012 09:23 PM

BULK-UP Review
If any of you are familiar with how powerful Andromass is, you'll love BULK-UP.

I already did two cycles on the compound and gained almost 17 lbs, with about 4 pounds loss post cycle. Some of the best prohormones I ever took.

BULK-UP comes with a CP+R Cycle and Once-A-Day Technology® with Time Released Absorption Technology.

Basically it's a fancy word for their technology that uses amino acids, vitamins, nutrients, and organic compounds to protect you while on cycle. It's a great idea, I'm not sure why nobody thought of it before.

Anyway, here are some of the stats before and after an 8 week cycle of these compounds:


Weight: 134lbs
Body Fat % – 12
Water Weight – 60%
Chest Press – 65 x 9
Shoulder Press – 45 x 7
Deadlift – 80 x 8
Squat – 120 x 8
Lat Pull down – 120 x 9


Weight – 151lbs
Body Fat % – 12
Water Weight – 65%
Chest Press – 90 x 8
Shoulder Press – 55 x 8
Deadlift – 95 x 9
Squat – 200 x 10
Lat Pull down – 165 x 8


The good:

Huge appetite
Massive strength gains
Feeling of fullness/density all day long
Muscle gain

The bad:

Occasional lethargy

Very little side effects, awesome results. It's also very affordable so that's always a plus.

I'm doing my third cycle of it, if you want to follow along go to:

I'll be posting pictures, lifting stats, measurements, and detailed logs while I'm on it so you can see the effects it has on me.

Oh, by the way, ANDRO FACTORY is doing a giveaway for 100 people, so go their fanpage @ facebook/bulkup and you may get one for free! ***kin awesome!

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