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andreasy 02-23-2012 10:01 AM

Biotech Nitro Gold
I just can't resist asking for feedback on this choice I made yesterday. I was planning to buy ON Whey and some Creatine (either mono or one of the newer techs). Finally the salesman convinced me to buy a new product from Biotech-USA (Nitro Gold PRO) which contained Creating Ph, BCAA and Glutamine and was quite cheap. Since I can achieve similar protein analogy with ON by adding more scoops (1,5), was my selection good or maybe next time I should stay with ON?

Also, ON had a choice of the standard Pure whey and ON Complex which if I remember correctly contains more protein.

For Creatine I got standard monohydrate from Biotech again. I remember from older discussions that there is no reason to use the other high-tech ones. Is that still the case or some things have changed since then?

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