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DanOratioXP 02-07-2012 01:48 AM

What's a good blog service?
My buddy and I wanna start a bodybuilding blog. Anyone know a good service or site? I wouldnt mind paying a small fee each month.

Algavinn 02-07-2012 10:12 AM

As the foundation of my business I own around 2000 wordpress blogs, I find them to be the most convenient CMS (content management system) for a non-professional designer, for blogs or otherwise. They're really easy to organize, manipulate, and use, and on top of it you can either use a free service where you can use wordpress within their own website, or just install it, so to speak, on a domain of your own. I just set up a personal trainers journal blog for my girlfriend 2 days ago, other than some specific specialized stuff she wanted it took me 5 minutes and has all the functionality of most professional websites.

To buy a site strictly for a non-professional blog it would be .67 cents for a .info domain, for one year of registration if you want your own site. Hosting varies, for me I pay around 20 cents a month per site to host, but I host 500+ sites per server.

Going to a site that lets you use wordpress on their site ( is free.

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