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zacharyspop 01-20-2012 08:53 PM

New Routine
Monday I plan on starting a new resistant training routine:

1. Squat
2. Deadlift
3. Bench Press

1. Cardio - usually running approx 3 miles - sometimes incline sometimes flat

1.Power Clean
2. Press
3. Row

1. Cardio - usually running approx 3 miles - sometimes incline sometimes flat

1. Squat
2. Deadlift
3. Bench Press

1. Rest

1. Cross training - bike or hike or basketball for a couple of hours.

My goal is to learn proper technique without pushing too much weight for the first two weeks and then I will establish maximums and rest goals for gains. I've always trained on machines and a few BB's so I want to make sure my technique is good. Thoughts?

Commander 01-21-2012 02:55 AM

What are your goals currently? I.E., gain strength, lose fat, build muscle, perform for a certain sport.

Without knowing that, I will say that I like your focus on the big movements.

joneser3eb 01-21-2012 03:39 AM

so are you doing a 5x5 program with cardio mixed in? it looks that way by your exercise choices. what are your goals?

zacharyspop 01-23-2012 03:01 PM

Goals: Gain strength, lose fat, build muscle.

joneser3eb 01-23-2012 10:06 PM

those exercises if done correctly will do what you are looking for. the only issue i see is if you do not eat enough and get enough rest all the cardio could hinder your strength gains. what kind of program are you doing ? reps , sets, ect?....

Commander 01-24-2012 12:43 PM

Might be a bit much cardio for the gain muscle and strength goals. It may be easier just to eat clean and workout hard and let the fat take care of itself while focusing on gaining muscle and strength. If you are bigger and stronger a year from now, it will be easier to strip fat.

zacharyspop 01-24-2012 07:44 PM

Now that I have one workout complete I realize the cardio in between may be pushing it. I feel amazing after Mondays workout! Compound exercises are the way to go, I was instantly hooked. My first set of dead lifts 225 5x5 made me feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof...a euphoric state of mind and body....the squats and deadlift then kicked my arse :). I will be playing with these core exercises and working them into a routine that fits my M-F schedule.

My program is 5x5 - still determining max. and workout weights.

Thanks for the feedback bro's - everyone at the gym and y'all here have helped me to overcome my shyness!

joneser3eb 01-26-2012 03:12 AM

Thats great man. it will take you a little time to learn your maxes. always remember to leave pride at the door. start light and work hard and you will gain way more than if you force it. I really advocate the 5x5 program, it has done wonders for my strength gains. I have been doing the program for 16 months and still gaining strength. if you have any further questions just ask.

zacharyspop 05-21-2012 03:14 PM

Bench 3x5 185
Cardio 3 miles
Triex 3x5 150 lbs
biceps3x5 130
Deadlift 1x6 260 lbs
cardio 3 miles
Rows 3x5 135
Press 3x5 95
3x5 265

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