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Samael 01-08-2011 05:40 PM

Gettin`ripped .
I've decided to start my log here, cuz i've read through numerous log's here and on other boards and found that this is the best way to track progress, share experience and recieve/provide motivation and information.I'm a predominantly endomorph ,but best way to describe myself is endo-mesomorph.However i've started at the age ot 14-5 greatly overweighted, due to overfeeding with junk food and no sport or activity.At the age of 19 i was at my leanest ,bust way to skinny and way too weak.Currently i'm muscular and lean at 76-9kg depending on if i'm depleted or carbed up.
My ultimate goal for the next 5 months till summer is to get myself leaner than ever, and if possible to even increase my strength.

I'll be following my concept of CKD which i firmly believe is the best way/diet for someone with similar metabolism who want's to get realy lean and keep most why not even gain some muscle in the process.

So it's show time ,starting tomorrow !:)

Samael 01-09-2011 09:35 AM

Macros:70f/30p/0c(not a complete 0 but no direct sources of carbs) -10%BMR
6 meals
Vit C 3g morning and lunch
Multi's morning
Yohimbine bark extract 3 caps morning empty stomach
GABA before bed

Sunday will be a complete off day for me cuz i want to relax both physicaly and mentaly from training.Also i've notice that this is probably the best way to increase my motivation and hit the weights harder.
I'm using grape seeds oil for the first time as my main fat source and it's nice ,also relatively cheap.

Samael 01-10-2011 10:02 AM

Day 2: AM:Chest,Bi,Tri,Forearms(super sets)

Dumbell incline presses / machine flies 4x10/10, 8/8, 6/6, 8/8 (stretch between sets)
Alternate dumbell curls / Cable triceps press 4x10/10
EZ bar curls / Dumbell french press 3x10/10
Machine curls / Overhead cable extension 1x15/15(stretch after this set)
Barbell wrist curls / behind the back wrist curls 4 sets till failure
Reverse EZ bar wrist curls 1 giant drop set

I felt weary at the beggining of the workout but managed to finish it strong.

Smith machine squats feets together -15/10/8/10/12
Leg extensions -4 straight sets 12/10/10/10 one triple drop set with static hold the last drop(stretch between sets)
Vertical leg press - 1x30 rest pause
10mins eleptical 15/45 sprint/rest

I did not feel strong today with my squats and did not get the best pump possible on the extensions.Energy levels are still good.

Macros:60f/40p/0c -10% BMR
My post workout shake contains 50g whey 5g creatine 5g leucine and salt.

Soon i'll probably get myself on DAA and DS Triazole for a 4-8 weeks trial.

Samael 01-11-2011 10:21 AM

Day 3: AM:Cardio
5min warmup 10min HIIT 15/45 sprint/rest off the Eleptical for 2 min and drink some water then 30min moderate intensity.PWO shake immediately after.

PM: Delts,Traps
I did wide load workout from 8weekstobiggershoulders with little modifications and for traps i did
Smith machine barbell shrugs /w Cable static holds -3super sets
Smith machine behind the back shrugs /w Cable static hold behind the back - 3 supersets

Macros:60f/40p/0c -10%BMR
I'm still feeling great despite that it was my 3th day without carbs.Strength is ok, i felt strong with my standing smith machine shoulders presses and with the upright rows.So far so good can't wait to start the DAA and Triazole next couple of days.

macros6 01-11-2011 02:37 PM

Bravo, go on like that and till the summer you`ll be a beast :cool:

Samael 01-11-2011 03:18 PM

I'm bustin`my a$$ everyday bro..realy hope so:)
How are ya ,how's the training?

Samael 01-12-2011 08:49 AM

Day 4: AM:Cardio (Eleptical)
5mins warmup 10mins HIIT 15/45 sprint/rest then rest for 2-3 mins sipping water followed by 30mins of moderate intensity cardio.

PM: Back,Calves
1.Deadlift raw 10-8-6 then i attempted a max efford but failed at 175kg's.Then one last set of 10 with wide grip.
2.Did this insane giant set -pullups-static pullup-pulldown for 3 sets.Realy insane ,great pump.
3.Machine pullover -12-10-6(rest pause) then another 4 reps
4.Seated cable rows to the neck - 3 sets with static hold at the last rep of every set
Pretty much the same workout as workout 6 from buildingtheultimateback with little modifications.
5.Smith machine calf raises -7straight sets till failure with halp reps on each.Then on the last set i did the following:Failure with the weight from the previous sets ,rack the bar add 20% then failure again,rack the bar strip 20% ,failure then strip 20%more go to failure and finish with half reps.The pain was out of this world.

Today i felt even better than yesterday in terms of energy, was strong in the gym.

Samael 01-13-2011 09:18 AM

Day 5: AM: Biceps,forearms
I did 2nd routine from 8weekstofullerbiceps but lower the sets to 4 on each exercise.Great pump however.
Preacher EZ bar reverse curls - 4 sets till failure.
Reverse EZ bar wrist curls - 4 sets till failure
1 giant set -Barbell wrist curls supersetted with Behind-the-back
wrist curls supersetted with dumbell hold's.

PM: Chest,Triceps
1.Flat dumbell bench press - 4x10/8/6/6
2.Machine flies - 3x12/8/8 - stretching after each set
3.Decline smith machine press - well i don't have a decline bench in the gym so i had to improvise and place 4x20kg plates under the bench.This however unables me to go realy heavy cuz i cannot place my feets on the ground and instead i placed 2 dumbells and use them as a contra weight.
4.Flat machine press - 3x8/8/8
I did stretching and squeezing at the end.The pump was so great!
1.Seated EZ bar press - 3x8/8/10 - i could do more reps but i don't wanna risk an injury cuz there is no one to spot me.
2.Decline smith machine close grip press - 3x8/8/8 - i do static hold's at the end of each set for 10-15 seconds
3.One arm dumbell press - 3 double drop sets till failure
4.Overhead cable extensions - 3 sets /total reps drop set method
I realy believe that the creatine is working so **** well.The pump and the strength are still there.

Samael 01-14-2011 09:46 AM

Day 6: AM:Abs,obliques
1.Hanging windshield wipers (hardest version) - 3sets till failure
2.Giant set - Hanging leg raise/Barbell twists/Rope crunches -3x15/25/15
3.Abs machine crunches -4x15/12/8/12
4.Side bends with 20kg plate - 3sets alternating side's without rest -15/12/12

PM:Thighs,Hams 10mins HIIT ,5mins 15/45 sprint rest ,5min moderate intensity
1.Smith machine front squats - 3warmup sets 15-12-10 then 3 heavy working sets 10-8-8
2.Leg press(feet low on the pad) super set with lying hamstring curls -3x12/12,10/10,10/10
3.Smith machine 1 and a half rep sissy squats super set with SLD - 3x10/10,10/10,10/10
4.Walking lunges - 3sets till total failure
5.Leg extensions - 1set very high reps with static hold every 4th rep for 5 secs then stretch.
This was by far the most taxing workout.I felt so exhausted to the point that i didn't know what's going on around me..just breathing extremely heavy and trying to keep myself up and not collapse. The fun part was on my way back home when 2 policemen stopped me and when they insisted to see my ID i gave them my gym member card without even realizing what am i doing, my mind was not there at this time ..they thought i was high or something haha.

Samael 01-15-2011 02:41 PM

Day 7: Early afternoon (i was unable to train twice today)Back,Shoulders,Calves,Forearms
1.Uni lateral machine pull downs /w seated calf machine - 4sets of each
2.Low cable rows /w smith machine calf raise -4sets
3.Cable pullover /w leg press calf raise - 3sets
4.Smith machine upright row - 3sets
5.Machine L-lateral raises -1 straight set 1 triple drop set
6.Front dumbel raises - 2sets
7.Kneeing rear delt high pulley cable - 3sets
8.Reverse machine fly - 3sets
9.4 giant sets for forearms - seated wrist curls /w behind the back wrist curls /w dumbel holds

It was too much and i cannot concentrate enough after the first 3 exercises.My original routine is am:shoulders calves,pm:Back ,rear delts ,forearms.Also the gym was crowded with people which only purpose of being there is to talk,laugh and lay down on the equipment, that realy pissed me off quite a bit..

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