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bigjonesy 04-28-2010 10:55 PM

Jones Vs. Moses - THE CUT
Well here it is Gents...
A good friend of mine, along with myself are going on a 3 month "cut". The rules are:
1. No Steroids - this goes for you Moses!
2. Post your progress - workouts/meals if you want.
3. Lots of Smack talk

The duration of our contest will be over 3 months. Before and after (maybe progression) pictures will be posted.

Moses, please be prepared to be embarrassed by a truly superior athlete with god-like genetics. When we are done "the cut", I will be asked by numerous hollywood agents to be the star in the next Spartacus series or 300 movie. While you, if so blessed, may be asked to be the "before" picture in a poorly written hydroxycut ad.

All jokes aside, this will be purely for motivation between the two of us. If anyone would like to chime in at any time or join us, please feel free. All comments and advice is appreciated. There is no prize for winning or criteria for winning for that matter, simply the satisfaction of watching the results take form, all while motivating in an entertaining manner.

Commander 04-29-2010 11:43 AM

Well, I enjoyed the last competition on this site (workoutmachine vs elite) so I hope to enjoy this one as well.

bigjonesy 04-29-2010 03:28 PM

I will start by posting my starting stats:
Age: 26
Height: 5'10
Weight: 217 (3-4lb gain from the bulk)
BF: 17% approx
Waist: 34"
Chest: 44" unflexed
Bicep: 17" flexed

Weight: 205
Waist: 32"
Chest: maintain 44/43"?
Bicep: maintain 17"

bigjonesy 05-01-2010 04:31 PM

Day 1
No training until monday, as I am taking short rest (4 days) between my previous bulking WO, and the cut WO.

Here's what is on the menu for today.

8:00 am
Whey Protein shake

2 eggs whites (hard boiled)
1/2 cup broccoli

1 chicken breast, grilled with franks red hot sauce
1 cup of mixed green/red peppers
1 cup of broccoli

2 egg whites (hard boiled)
whey protein shake

Bison Flank Steak (extra lean)
1 cup Brown Rice
Spinach Salad w/ red onion/diced peppers - no dressing

Whey protein shake

bigjonesy 05-03-2010 02:04 PM

Sunday:Slept in late - tired from the day spent in the grocery store - revamping the fridge and pantry to accommodate 'cut' foods.

Breakfast 10:30 am
4 scrambled eggs w/ green peppers and red onion

Handfull of Almonds

Chicken breast w/ Cayenne Pepper spices
1/2 cup Broccoli

Bison flank steak w/ own spice
1/2 cup Broccoli
Crystal Lite

1 cup Oats w/ pure vanilla - this will take some time to get used to...

So far energy levels have remained high, but this is only day 2. Training begins tomorrow evening, where I will see the real effect, if any. I am running the 13 week training program, as suggested by some very helpful members.

Still no sign from moses.... I think he knows he stands no chance

wtfmoses 05-03-2010 07:04 PM

You know what I've learned in the last 2 years or so? Lifting heavy *** weights makes you literally strong as heck. Now my cohort here is pretty much terrified of lifting anything that weighs more than a loaf of bread so it makes sense that he would need a desperate ego repair job.

Now this repair job is obviously materializing itself in the form of this puny attempt at a "challenge". I've known "bigjonesy" for a pretty long time now, and I will give him this... I used to be a big fat wimp that didn't do anything but play video games.

For the last two years I've been lifting as heavy as I could, as often as I could. I've gotten to a place where I can be happy with my gains as far as lifts are concerned, but not as happy in the "looks department". Normally the "looks department" is a "department" reserved for "weak people" and "bigjonesy". "quotes".

My biggest concern here is that I don't feel my vaginas per hour or VPH is quite where I need it to be. So I will partake in this challenge to shed some of my excess manliness and hopefully distill it in to something that "bigjonesy" can consume so that he can stop being a flimsy waif.

Lets do this thing!

Age: 23
Height: 6'2
Weight: 275lb
BF: 19% (I'd say more towards 18 or 17, but whatever)
Waist: 38"
Chest: my measuring tape is cowering in fear somewhere
Bicep: 19" at last measure

Weight: 225
Waist: it doesn't matter I'll be buying new clothes anyway
Chest: Jupiter
Bicep: Pluto

I gave bigjonesy a much needed head start of two days, so my cut starts today.


Whey Protein Shake (3 scoops myofusion, wahhhhh calories)
2x Centrum Forte


30 Minute Run
Barbell Complexes

Whey Protein Shake (2 scoops myofusion)
1 Cup of Souls of the ****ed

5 Scrambled Eggs with a light sprinkling of pain.


Whey Protein Shake (mini shake, 1.5 scoops in small container)
1 x Chicken Breast, cooked to perfection.
Half a pineapple


Chicken Breast x 2 w/ honey


Casein Protein


There you have it you salty sea dogs, this is the recipe for victory and it courses through my veins like liquid lightning.

bigjonesy 05-03-2010 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by wtfmoses (Post 907093)
BF: 19% (I'd say more towards 18 or 17, but whatever)

Yeah... maybe on your fingers.


Breakfast: 7:30 am
Whey protein shake w/ water

10:00 am
1 cup oats w/ half apple (diced)

1 chicken breast - baked with various herbs/spices (no sauce/sodium)
1/2 a cucumber
Crystal lite

Plain yogurt w/ natural granola
2 turkey sticks

Xtend - orange while working out

Post workout protein shake - whey - water mix
fish oil/ calcium pills (forgot to take these this morning.)

Taco Salad consisting of the following;
Extra Lean beef
0 sodium taco seasoning (not sure where the wife found this)
Low fat sour creme

Will post an updated workout tomorrow, after it has taken place.

bigjonesy 05-04-2010 02:05 PM

Day 1/WO 1
- Most of these Wo's are strip sets while super setting. I am essentially using the 13 week fat burning program. Last night in the gym, the first half of the workout felt awesome, was lifting great, and then all of a sudden, just over half way through my energy levels dropped off, and I felt like a life sized version of Gumby. I will definately need to make some adjustments to my portion sizes and add in an pre wo shake.

On these workouts, there are no real resting periods, basically enough time to set up the weights, grab a swig of xtend and keep going. All chest excersizes are super setted with a back excersize to keep the blood moving.

Decline bench
12x 205
10x 205
12x 155

Wide Grip Pull downs
12x 180
10x 180
12x 160

Incline Bench
12x 205
10x 185
8x 185

Close Grip Pulldown
12x 180
10x 180
8x 170

Flat Dumbell Bench (1 and a halfs) - these feel like someone is jabbing a knife into my pecs
10x 45's
8x 45's
6x 45's

Bent over rows -reverse grip - hold at top
15x 50
12x 50
15x 40

Non- Peak Dumbell flys - by now my chest feels like mashed potatoes mixed with pain.
12x 35's
10x 35's
12x 30's

Side Laterals
12x 25's
Hold 30 seconds - this hurts more than landing on a bike with no seat
Flex 30 seconds - this is what I imagine death feels like

Front raises
12x 25's
Hold 30 seconds
Flex 30 seconds

Seated rear delt laterals
12x 25's
1 min flex - after 30 seconds my delts felt like they had been lit on fire, but I managed to hold out for the full minute. Man does this work though.

Hack Squat machine shrugs w/ partial reps
15x 195
20x 180
25x 160

As you can see, I was not concentrating on moving big weight to start. I wanted to make sure my form was good, and that I would be able to keep up a good pace throughout the whole work out. Even with my energy levels dropping, I still was able to bang it all out. Today I feel good. This morning I was a bit more hungry than normal.

more to follow.

bigjonesy 05-05-2010 01:56 PM

Tuesdays eating was very similar to monday's (left over taco salad too - which was delicious)

Tuesdays WO
Day 2/ WO 1

Barbell bicep curls - superset with below
12x 80
10x 80
8x 80
10x 60

Dips (machine)
12x 205
10x 205
8x 205
10x 185

Behind bench - 1 arm incline curl - superset w/ below
12x 30
10x 30
8x 30
12x 25

One arm dumbell extensions
12x 35
10x 35
8x 35
12x 30

Incline dumbell curl - superset with below
12x 30
10x 30
8x 30
12x 25

Tricep cable press downs
12x 90
10x 90
8x 90
12x 70

Reverse Wrist curl w/ easy bar - superset w/ below
20x 50
15x 50
10x 50
failure = 7 w/ 90lbs

Wrist curls w/ easy bar
20x 80
15x 80
10x 80
failure = 6 w/ 80lb

Was able to keep a good pace throughout the whole workout. Today my chest is on fire (burns so good!!!) haha. Arms are nice and tight. Energy levels are back to normal - i think?-

I am beginning to think that I should move this to the individual training forum, as Moses seems to be abscent. Hopefully he is training harder than he is recording his progress! I mean, I am sure I will win, but I wouldn't mind mocking his attempts to stick with me along the way.


Albertog 05-05-2010 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by bigjonesy (Post 906927)

All jokes aside, this will be purely for motivation between the two of us. If anyone would like to chime in at any time or join us, please feel free. All comments and advice is appreciated. There is no prize for winning or criteria for winning for that matter, simply the satisfaction of watching the results take form, all while motivating in an entertaining manner.

You saying I can get in the 'contest' with you guys?? I would like to...

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