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will-work4andro 09-11-2009 08:47 PM

Whey vs Casein vs Soy, effects on mixed muscle protein synthesis
i found this to be a good read...the results not surprising after all of the info Gabe/Jacob/Layne have given us, but a good paper none the's published ahead of press, but the paper is available through the link below.

the part of the discussion i found interesting was.

The differences in skeletal MPS that we observed may have implications for populations with compromised nutrient sensitivity (e.g., the elderly) (7). Indeed, it has been found that the protein digestibility paradigm observed in young individuals is actually "reversed" in the old with respect to whole body protein metabolism (9), and that "fast" protein ingestion is associated with a greater whole body leucine balance (7). If the leucine "trigger" concept is correct, then we would speculate that these results (7) may reflect the inability of casein to increase blood EAA, BCAA, or leucine concentration high enough to turn on MPS in older persons who appear to have a reduced sensitivity to amino acids or an "anabolic resistance" (7). For example, ingestion of larger doses of leucine has been shown to enhance feeding-induced increases in MPS in aged individuals (18, 30). Considering protein ingestion after exercise appears critical to enhance skeletal muscle hypertrophy with resistance training in the elderly (12), we propose that elderly individuals would likely obtain the greatest benefit with respect to stimulating MPS and likely muscle protein accretion by consuming a "fast" leucine-rich dietary protein such as whey both at rest and after resistance exercise (18, 20, 30). Future studies should directly measure skeletal MPS in populations such as the elderly after consuming different whole proteins to confirm this thesis.

Venom 09-12-2009 07:25 PM

Results are as I would predict. Thanks for posting this!

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