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Gregsimo 08-17-2009 07:45 PM

Greg's bulking journal
Hi guys, considering everyone else is keeping track of their progress on here i thought i'd give it a go.
bit of background; im an ectomorph as you'll see from my stats below. I started bulking over a year and a half ago but due to an ACL tear (football/soocer) i have been out for over a year and lost all of my gains. I started back at the gym 2 months ago and in that time have made excellent progress.

7th June 09 ---- 7th Aug 09

height 5' 11''
Weight 9st 10lbs (136lbs) ---- 10st 8lbs (148lbs)
Waist 31'' ---- 31.7"
Chest 37.25'' ---- 39.8"
Biceps 12.6'' ---- 13.7''
Thighs 19.0'' ---- 20.3''
Calves 12.4'' ---- 12.8"


-keep gaining atleast 1lb a week but as lean as possible. im lucky that i dont store bodyfat easily (currently at 7% bf)
-prioritise legs as these are my weak point
-set short term targets, my first being to reach 11st (154lbs) by my birthday which is sept 30th.
-increase strength and mass by mixing up my workouts using heavy and lighter routines.


-whey protein
-creatine mono
-BCAA's with beta alanine and citrulline malate
-omega 3-6-9's
-cod liver oil

Ive been using klosey's beginners guide for the first 8 weeks of being back and im now starting to use workouts from this site to target specific areas, im a big fan of supersets and i also tend to do between 6-12 sets per bodypart in any workout, with the exception of calves as i am trying out DC training to see if that works as my calves have been very stubborn so far.
wish me luck.

Gregsimo 08-18-2009 10:50 AM

well guys, my workouts.
I'll be working our 4-5 days a week with one day off every 3 so a sample week looks like this.

monday - back, Bi's, forearms
tuesday - chest, delts, tris
weds - Rest
thurs - legs, abs
fri - traps, forearms
sat - Rest
sun - start over so sunday becomes monday

i work back twice every 4-5 days as im currently targeting back thickness on my trap workouts and width with my bicep workouts. In a few weeks i'll be changing this to prioritise legs. The first workout is a light workout, the second a heavier one. all other bodyparts are worked once every 6 days. I'm looking to gain in both strength and size so my routines are varied from week to week.

Workout 1
Back, Bi's, forearms

bent over BB rows ----- 103*12, 125*8, 103*9

Tbar deadlifts ----- 100*12, 110*10, 132*7 (had difficulty feeling my lower back properly on these, and balance was an issue hence the low weight used, will be using regular deads in future)

Lat pulldowns ----- 100*12, 110*9, 120*6 with 20 second static hold after each set

EZ curls ----- 60*12, 70*8, 70*6

Incline Db hammer curls w/ incline curls ----- 30's*7, 25's*9, 20's*10

Reverse wrist curls ----- 35*6, 30*7, 25*8 (ive not done this exercise before today so the weight and feel for it was poor, i also cant lift very much weight on these. might lower the weight and push for 12+ reps, or do RP on a higher weight)

wrist curls ----- 40*15, 40*11, 35*12 (held these in the stretched postion for 30 seconds after each set. my grip is none existant today!

All these weights are in lbs and some might be random weights as we only have Kg's here (UK).

This workout went very well, and im rather sore today, had difficulty feeling my back on Tbar deadlifts. Also need to improve my co-ordination on reverse wrist exercises as on the final few reps my form begins to falter.

Gregsimo 08-18-2009 05:26 PM

todays workout was chest, delts and tris, i woke up with very good energy levels and work went well so i was motivated for getting into the gym.

Single Db Pullovers ----- 40*11, 45*9, 50*6

Smith machine incline bench ----- 110*7, 99*7, 88*7

DB none peak flyes ----- 22*16, 27.5*12, 30*8

Seated Military Press ----- 65*9, 77*6, 88*4 (i need to work on strength on this exercise)

Upright rows ----- 50*14, 60*10, 70*7 (Did 4 second negatives on each set)

Hammer bar presses behind head ----- 40*10, 45*8, 50.5*5

Dips ----- BW*3 (5 second negative) RP 2 further reps with BW

By the end of the workout i was struggling for energy as this all took 1hr 25mins. i also should have taken more rest time after the chest exercises as i felt weak doing military presses.

Gregsimo 08-19-2009 04:54 PM

Today is my rest day, and im glad, woke up this morning with the worst DOM's ive had since starting back at the gym, my chest, delts and tris are shot, and my biceps are also screaming at me still from monday.
I get the feeling that keeping track of my workouts on here has made me try harder, as yesterday i hit my PB for lat pulldowns and Db pullovers with ease.

Its legs day tomorrow, so its going to hurt and on friday i'll be limping to the gym.

Gregsimo 08-20-2009 07:59 PM

Ah, my favourite. LEGS!
I was full of energy today and im glad as i love blasting my legs to death. and for once the radio in the gym was playing good songs, that lifted my mood.

Squats (close stance) ----- 198*10, 188*10, 176*11

I've never squatted this well in my life and im looking forward to breaking the 200lbs mark for my 10reps next week. week after that im going to test my 1RM and see if i can push for 250-260.

Leg extentions ----- 100*9, 90*9, 80*9. one drop set of 20% on each set. I managed 3 additional reps for the first 2 sets and 4 on the final set.

Calves (DC style) -----135*12 RP with (5 second negative, 15 second stretch per rep)
105*11 (3 second negative and 3 second stretch)

Lying hamstring curls ----- 40*13, 50* 7, 40*8. Each set with a single drop of 20%, managed 3 reps per drop set. Kinda annoyed with my gym on these as i find 50lbs too heavy to manage 10 reps (my target) but 40lbs too light and the pins wont allow me to put a 5lbs weight on.

In all it was an excellent workout, i am especially happy with my progress on squats as 8 weeks ago i was squatting 110*10 and now it is 198*10. My quads have grown considerably in this time.

President Wilson 08-20-2009 11:42 PM

Sick workouts man, nice volume to, and great exercise selection.

You are right to about it being a great attribute about being lean. This will allow you to focus most of your time on mass. WIth my genetics I have to focus too much of my time on leaning out

Gregsimo 08-20-2009 11:47 PM

I feel ive got my volume spot on as i'm gaining and have never felt any kind of overtraining. I'm just concentrating on increasing my strength on the main lifts (barbell rows, squats, deads, incline bench (i dont do flat) and military press) and i'm achieving amazing gains at the minute, except calves which ive just tried DC for the first time on. so in 8 weeks time im hoping my calves can break the 14" mark. (i dont have very good leg genetics)

President Wilson 08-21-2009 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by Gregsimo (Post 893427)
I feel ive got my volume spot on as i'm gaining and have never felt any kind of overtraining. I'm just concentrating on increasing my strength on the main lifts (barbell rows, squats, deads, incline bench (i dont do flat) and military press) and i'm achieving amazing gains at the minute, except calves which ive just tried DC for the first time on. so in 8 weeks time im hoping my calves can break the 14" mark. (i dont have very good leg genetics)

Those exercises are golden man! I actually wasnt able to bench for 2 years because of tendinitous, just stuck with incline bench and dumbell flat and it worked well.

Gregsimo 08-21-2009 03:48 PM

Traps and forearms day today.

Seated DB shrugs w/ cable static hold
- 40's*15 + 90lbs for 32secs, 40's*13 + 90lbs for 27secs, 35's*14 + 90lbs for 21secs

Smith machine behind back shrugs
- 154*11, 165*10, 187*7, 209*5 (last time i did these i only got 2 reps at 209 so i am really happy with my progress on these going to do 215 next time)

Bent over lateral
- 20's*12, 25's*9, 27.5*8

Reverse curls w/ Db hammer curls
- 40*10 and 20's*10, 40*8 and 20's*7, 35*11 and 15's*10, 35*9 and 15's*8

BB wrist curls
- 40*14, 40*11, 35*12

Static holds
- 100 for 49 seconds (need to work on this, my concentration wasnt 100%)

In all this was a great workout, i beat my PB on traps and my rear delts are coming along nicely, just need to start increasing my strength on reverse curls as ive been stuck using 40lbs for 5 weeks now, although i have gone from doing 7 reps to 10 in that time.

Gregsimo 08-22-2009 06:51 PM

Today was my day off, but ended up doing cardio, did a 20 minute bike machine event for charity. i managed 5.9 miles which i am happy with considering its very rare i do cardio.
I've decided im going to start posting my macros and my morning bodyweight each day on here, that was i can keep track of it myself and theres mroe content for everyone to critique/ praise.
Tomorrow is meant to be Back bi's and forearms, but im going to push that back til monday as i did traps and forearms yesterday (made a mistake on my split).
This weeks routine is
Sun - Chest, delts, Tri's
Mon - Back, Bi's, Forearms
Tues - Rest
Weds - Legs
Thurs - Traps, Forearms
Fri - Rest
Sat - Rest

Got a busy weekend coming up so the week after everything is on a 7 day split.
Yesterdays Macros - 388/287/137 so im working on a rough 48/35/17 ratio of CHO, Protein and fat. My aim was 50-30-20. Calories was 3950. Weight - 150.4lbs

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