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klosey 04-15-2009 07:41 AM

Exercise Of The Week (Female Only) #6 Discussion
Yes I Know i only did glutes a few weeks ago but glutes are considered a highly desirable physical attribute, The glute kickback exercise is a great way to target and sculpt this problem area and best of all, it can be executed without bulky and expensive equipment. Going beyond the aesthetic benefits, training the glutes can translate into improved athletic function. Since the main gluteal function is hip extension, so.....besides looking good, training them can improve running efficiency.

Glute Kickbacks
Position yourself on your knees and hands so that you’re facing the ground.
Slowly extend at the hip and draw one leg back. A contraction should be felt
in the buttock on the same side as the extended leg.
Lower the extended leg back down slowly while stopping short of starting position to keep the stress on the gluteal region.
Repeat until desired number of repetitions are completed.
Switch legs and repeat.

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