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Commander 04-01-2009 01:11 PM

In the Well
Ryancostill had the idea to start a series of threads here on ABC similar to something he had seen (and robbed, his words, not mine) on other websites.

This thread will be a source to all of these insightful "interviews."


Originally Posted by ryancostill
Basically the idea is that someone is nominated and they are "in the well". They have to answer each and every question thrown at them from the other members. The questions can be on anything. As soon as that person is tired of answering questions, they nominate another member to go into the well. (Highlights added)

For new members and old, it will be a great way to learn more about those brave ABC posters who were willing to be "in the well."

Klosey's in the well
Maverick's in the well
Commander's in the well
Ryancostill's in the well
Venom's in the well
HardCory's in the well
Misterjaydubyoo's in the well
Niggles' in the well
Angiebsassy's in the well
Andro's in the well
Workoutmachine's in the Well
Ellingham's in the well
Antisteroids' in the well
Arian's in the well
Superbilt's in the well (Active)

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