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klosey 03-07-2009 02:15 PM

Exercise of The Week (Females Only) #1-10
Ok since the Exercise of The Week is up and running i decided to get the womens up and running too. So This Is the First Week in this Section This log will be updated Weekly (usually Mondays), Aswell as a discussion thread left open.

Right Lets get to it.

This Weeks exercise targets a bodypart that many women moan about (even the size 0 crowd) this may or may not apply to you put its the shopping bag dillema. Ever walked past a mirror carrying a bag etc and thought 'urge look at my arms' many of the heavier individuals (men included) suffer from what many refer to as 'bingo wings', under this are the triceps and may i say i have seen some women with beutifully tonned arms in the gym doing these same exercises so my aim for the first couple of the Exercise of the week will be to supply exercises to help with this area. This Weeks Is.......

Dumbell Kickbacks (superset)

supersetted with:

There are two versions Here

First is Peformed on a Bench
Second is standing

Kneel over bench with arm supporting body. Grasp dumbbell. Position upper arm parallel to floor. Extend arm until it is straight. Return and repeat. after end of that set continue This with opposite arm. Then without rest, Grasp two dumbells, stnad with legs slightly bent and body leant forward keeping back straight. As above Position upper arms parallel to floor. Extend arms until it is straight. Return and repeat.
This is one set. Feel free to rest 1 min then repeat.

Hope You enjoy

klosey 03-16-2009 08:51 AM

Week #2
Ab Exercises - Vacuum Contraction:

This exercise is very unique among exercises for your stomach and is one of the exercises for your stomach that most people have never performed.

Because the inner unit muscles attach from the pelvic floor to the lower spine, you'll feel a burn from front to back.

Again this, as with the other abdominal exercises, looks simple but its very challenging. It may take you a few weeks to be able to hold your abdominals for 90 seconds but it's worth it.

The vacuum pose is an isometric exercise that is done by pulling the bellybutton back towards the lower spine during a deep inhalation that is held for 15 seconds. The exercise is repeated for 3 to 5 minutes several times a day.

This pic sums it up best.

Now i know many women will be looking thinking 'jes i dont wanna look like that' trust me you wont. BUT practising this can help strengthen the stomach muscles giving you better control of them and inturn a stronger a visually smaller waist!

klosey 03-23-2009 08:31 AM

Week #3
ok i may get stick for this but there is nothing sexier than a women with tonned legs and glutes (any guys peaking in here will agree!) so here is a great exercise to get you women on the way and help tone (now many will be looking at this thinking 'mine are fine thank you!' lol) well these can make them better :) just dont come to my gym and distract me after using these for a while ;) )
Dumbell Lunges

Start with Moderate weighted dumbell (when getting heavier if grip fails strap them) held at the side of the body
Lunge forward with first leg. Land on heel then forefoot. Lower body by flexing knee and hip of front leg until knee of rear leg is almost in contact with floor. Return to original standing position by forcibly extending the hip and knee of the forward leg. Repeat by alternating lunge with opposite leg.

klosey 03-30-2009 12:06 PM

Week #4
Lat Pull Downs

Dead Simple exercise this week one which is great if not able to do pull ups

Grasp cable bar with a wide grip.
Sit with thighs under supports.
Pull down cable bar to upper chest.
Return until arms and shoulders are fully extended.

klosey 04-06-2009 10:44 AM

Week #5
(Strengthens lower back)
This is a fantastic Strengthening exercise for the lower back, one which men and women should use
Give it a go!!!!!!

Lie flat on your stomach reaching your arms overhead with your palms down.
Extend your extremities straight out, away from your torso.
lift your arms and legs simultaneously for enough repetitions to cause some muscle fatigue.
Look down, and don't overextend your neck.
This is about how long you can stretch your body, not how high.
Squeeze your butt as you lift.
Try to make it to a minute.

klosey 04-15-2009 07:41 AM

week 6
Yes I Know i only did glutes a few weeks ago but glutes are considered a highly desirable physical attribute, The glute kickback exercise is a great way to target and sculpt this problem area and best of all, it can be executed without bulky and expensive equipment. Going beyond the aesthetic benefits, training the glutes can translate into improved athletic function. Since the main gluteal function is hip extension, so.....besides looking good, training them can improve running efficiency.

Glute Kickbacks
Position yourself on your knees and hands so that youíre facing the ground.
Slowly extend at the hip and draw one leg back. A contraction should be felt
in the buttock on the same side as the extended leg.
Lower the extended leg back down slowly while stopping short of starting position to keep the stress on the gluteal region.
Repeat until desired number of repetitions are completed.
Switch legs and repeat.

klosey 04-27-2009 07:35 AM

Sorry for the week Delay, (been infromed that i can start my foundation degree if get my level 3a out of way quick so been working on that)
Ok this week is a cross over, i happened to be in the gym just leaving and noticed a women doing these exercises and couldnt help notice the outer sweep appearance during, (before the comments rush in i noticed purely in a bodybuilding manor) i have heard round the mill that Ronnie Coleman and Kai Greene have used this exercise so why not give it a go
Sit with your back pressed into the adductor machine, holding on to any handles and with your legs and feet pressed against the foam pads.
bring your legs together, focusing on using the muscles of your inner thighs - your adductors, hold for a second, then return under control to the starting position.
Some adductor machines will have a combination of settings, allowing the legs to be taken wider. Avoid taking your legs out too far, especially for beginners, as this can cause you to strain your adductor muscles.
Aim to keep your legs and back in contact with the machine at all times.
It may be useful to warm up your muscles with a light weight prior to your training weight, as this will not only help prevent injury, but also make sure that the machine is set-up comfortably for you.

klosey 05-07-2009 04:07 PM

Week 8

Ok this one was given to me by a powerlifter and was intended for many looking to strengthen lower back for heavier squating, deadlifting etc but i decided the women should get the heads up first for once

To begin the reverse hyperextension exercise, lie face down on the exercise bench with your hips and legs hanging off the bench.

With your legs straight and your arms wrapped around the bench for support, lift your legs up while breathing in. Concentrate on using your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes to lift your legs up. Lift your legs until they are a little higher than bench level.

Hold your legs up a short duration. (One or two seconds is sufficient.)

Carefully bring your legs back down as you breathe out. Congratulations! Youíve just completed one repetition of a reverse hyperextension on an exercise bench.

Repeat steps 1-4 several times. For most exercises, including reverse hyperextensions, the normal range of repetitions for one set is between 6 and 10. As a beginner, I recommend starting out with one set of 6-8 repetitions of the reverse hyperextension exercise to avoid potential injury. Gradually work up to 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions as your strength increases. The reverse hyperextension exercise will make a great addition to your weight training routine

klosey 05-12-2009 08:50 AM

Week 9
Monica Brant includes is one that I love but you never see.

Iíve talked about this one before.

Iím talking about performing the leg press one leg at a time.

The way I personally love to perform this leg exercise is as follows:

Use a weight that allows you to get 20 to 30 reps per leg.

Go to failure with one leg and the immediately go to your other leg.

Once you hit failure, go back to the first leg.

Do this for three or 4 sets (per leg) without stopping.

A good variation of this is the single leg squat (if machine is available)

klosey 05-18-2009 09:04 AM

Week 10

My main reason for this exercise choice (no not what you think guys) is injury prevention, The bench press is imo a show exercise its benifits dont really outweigh possible negatives, the movement is un-natural when compared to incline, dont get me wrong, bench hits the chest hard but it may be too hard many people tear their pecs from heavy flat bench press yet not as many do on the incline, The incline is a safer choice and imo hits the chest better.


This exercise is very similar to the regular barbell bench press except that you will be using an incline free weight bench press machine and your upper chest will be the muscle group worked instead of your middle chest. Lift the barbell off of the rack and slowly lower it to about 3 inches above your clavicle (just below your Adamís apple) and then press the bar back to the start position. DO NOT TOUCH THE BAR TO YOUR UPPER CHEST (this causes unneeded stress on your shoulder joints and takes the tension away from your upper pec muscles, which are what we want to be doing the work!). Be sure that when you are lowering the bar that you do so in a slow and controlled fashion. Conversely, when you press the bar upward, you want to do so in an explosive fashion. Repeat this movement for as many repetitions as you can until failure

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