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rootb33r 10-28-2008 06:35 PM

I Have the Fever... (and it's more potent than ever)
So this is the start of my journal because I want somewhere to come and write to every day.

Over the next... well, until I say stop... I will be attempting to become a 195-lb lean, mean, fighting machine. I am somewhere between 185-190 now, and I have some fat to lose and some muscle to gain. I think in the end, I will be gaining more muscle than fat, that's where my 5-pound increase is coming from. I'm increasing my calories and also increasing my cardio. I started loading on creatine on Thursday so my loading period is over, and now I am on maintenance.


Increase overall skeletal musculature:
-Fill-out my large-boned frame; create a larger shoulder-to-waist ratio; widen/thicken back and chest specifically

Lean out:
-lose last bit of stubborn fat in midsection (rear obliques/lower back, mainly)
-become comfortable with my midsection

Increase sports performance:
-Increase standing vertical jump from 24 to 28 inches
-Increase 3-step-approach veritcal jump from 28 to 32 inches
-Increase shoulder flexibility/ROM
-Increase running ability (muscle-fatigue-wise, not cardiovascular)

rootb33r 10-28-2008 07:14 PM

I wanted to add...

The reason for the title being what it is is this: I've been lifting/training for over 5 years. I can't remember the last time I was so excited about hitting the gym.

I have the fever again! I'm sitting at work drooling over the thought of getting into the gym lol.

rootb33r 10-29-2008 01:06 PM

For the past 6 months or so I haven't been training Bis very hard; same with my back. For some reason, I felt like these were becoming out of proportion. And I didn't want to be the guy at the gym with huge guns and nothing else.

Last night I hit arms and back really hard. I did back on Sunday opposite Chest, but I did mainly lower back and I felt I had recovered enough to hit it again last night. I can definitely feel the biceps this morning!

Wide-grip pull-ups: 10,8,6,6
Kneeling/bent over one-arm DB Rows: 80x10, 80x8, 80x8
HammerStrength upright row: 180x10, 230x7, 230x6
Close-grip pull-ups SS with DB curls: 6 SS 35x6; 4 SS 30x6; 4 SS 25x8
reverse flys SS hammer curls: 15x10 SS 15x20; 25x8 SS 25x12; 30x6 SS 30x8

10 Min on the Jacobs Ladder

rootb33r 10-30-2008 02:01 PM

New progress pics:

last night I had a shoulder workout, and this morning I did abs/cardio.

Last night:
--BB mil press: 95x14 ; 135x10; 145x6; 150x4; 155x3
--Standing overhead press triple dropset: 105 to failure, drop to 85 to failure, drop to 65 to failure... repeat for weights of: 125,105,85... again with 125,105,85
--Lateral Cable Raises: 20x10; 20x10; 22.5x8 nice and slow... feel the burrrrn :)
--DB Shrugs SS DB lateral static holds: 65x12 SS 10x10sec; 75x10 SS 10x6sec; 80x10 SS 7.5x8sec
--BB Shrugs: 135x15; 185x8; 205x6

This morning:
Weighted ab exercises for ~30 min
30 min on elliptical

Now eating meal 2: 4oz chicken + 2 cups steamed brocc

Commander 10-30-2008 02:13 PM

Dang, abs for 30 minutes, that's brutal. New pics look good.

maverickBU 10-30-2008 02:19 PM

why that much ab work?

Check out #2 in this article for an idea of where I'm going with this question. If you aren't familiar with Dan john, I'd highly suggest reading his other articles, very solid stuff.

rootb33r 10-30-2008 08:28 PM

I like to do mediun-weight with perfect form and as much ROM as I can for my abs.

For instance, this morning I did this circuit 4 times:
-kneeling cable crunches 60x40reps (left side, middle, right side, middle, left side, repeat, etc)
-hanging leg raises to failure
-weighted stability ball crunches x 20
-reverse crunches x 12
-oblique weighted side-crunches
2 minutes rest, repeat

the stuff takes time to do!

maverickBU 10-30-2008 08:44 PM

yeah, but why that much?

rootb33r 11-02-2008 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by maverickBU (Post 863746)
yeah, but why that much?

I dunno... abs are like any other muscle. Mine don't get fatigued easily, so I do a medium-weight circuit and concentrate on contracting only my abs in an attempt to isolate, instead of bobbing/swaying/whatever and using momentum.

I wish I had a better answer for you lol.

rootb33r 11-02-2008 08:29 PM

Saturday was leg day, Sunday was Chest/Back.

Box squats: 225x8; 275x6; 315x5; 315x4; 275x6
Bulgarian split squats: 40x8 each leg; 50x6; 60x6
Weighted box jumps: 50lbs dropset to 0lbs, 6 reps each; 3 sets.
Calf raises on smith machine: 270x12; 320x10; 340x8
Clean & Press: 135x4; 145x2; 155x2; 160x2

Sunday, Chest/Back:
DB Flat Bench: 65x12; 75x10; 80x8; 85x6; 90x5
BB Incline: 135x10; 155x8; 175x6; 185x4
Cable flyes Superset DB Pullovers: 40x12 SS 80x10; 50x8 SS 80x10; 52.5x6 SS 80x8
Deadlift: 135x10; 225x8; 315x4; 335x2; 345x2; 355x1
Wide-grip pull-ups Superset BB reverse-grip rows: 8 SS 110x10; 7 SS 110x8; 6 SS 110x8
Close-grip pull-downs Superset One-arm DB Rows: 160x8 SS 90x6; 165x8 SS 90x4; 170x6 SS 90x4
Close-grip incline-row (PowerTech Machine) Superset behind-the-head wide-grip-pulldowns: 180x8 SS 100x6; 230x8 SS 100x6; 230x8 SS 100x6

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