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spider-man 06-15-2008 03:03 AM

spinnin my web....The way of the spider
so i have been keeping a training journal, but i keep losing it.
So i will be puttin it here now.

I have always been fascinated with super heroes, especially spiderman. He's a freakin beast!

so this is gonna be all me from now on, my workouts, my nutrition, and my thoughts. This is me. no bs. just tellin it how it is.

will post a picture from time to time.

my split is as follows:
monday: HIIT
tuesday: weight training
wednesday: HIIT
thursday:Weight training
friday: HIIT
saturday: weight training
sunday: off

i am doing a upper/lower split, although i am working my shoulders in my lower body day. abs every workout day. Cardio between training days, as you can see.

so it's



my arms need some serious work right now, as thier level of strength is seriously hindering my chest and back training. so im gonna be hittin up some ez curls and dips and close bench for freakin reals...

spider-man 06-15-2008 03:17 AM

Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider
todays workout was a little off... Plus my gym closed before i finished triceps or even started abs. but either way, wasn't bad.

When a set is taylorized(my last name is taylor), it is performed like this: ten reps to failure, static hold for ten seconds, 4 restpause, then one strip set for another 6 reps, SUPERSETTED with the next exercise. so its rough.

i wont write down warm up sets.

flat bench-10

flat bench-9
pullovers-6(triceps failed)

my triceps failed before my chest did, so i need to pre-exhaust my chest next time...

incline flys-12
incline bench-5

incline flys-10
incline bench-5


wide grip pull downs-11
tbar rows-9
taylorize(no superset)

wide grip pull downs-10
tbar rows-10

reverse pec dec-11
wide grip cable rows-10

reverse pec dec-10
wide grip cable rows-9


bb curls-9
inlcine curls-8

bb curls-8
incline curls-7

ez curls-10

got kicked out of the gym it closed... only warmed up my tris and didnt get anything for abs... oh well i guess.

i was super weak today i was sick yesterday and it's still effectin me a little. well alot...

spider-man 06-16-2008 02:39 AM

Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider
yesterdays workout was apparentely very good, as i am wicked sore today. weird.

i slept a whole bunch last night, woke up about 5 hours later than i was supposed to, but its all good.

today is a complete off day though. So im just eating and reading and went to church. feelin really strong even though im sore.

spider-man 06-17-2008 04:18 AM

Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider
never having another workout like todays...

was supposed to shoppin with my gf, which i forgot about so i put off training a little while, then when she reminded me of it i had this piss ant fast nothing routine... supposed to actually WORK legs and shoulders today... pff...

did like two sets of girls flippin squats...

1 set supersetted with leg press though... still i just sucked... was in too much of a rush so i didn't put on proper amounts of weight so could either do too many or too few reps.. got irritatated and went on to shoulders...

shoulders were ok... did some laterals superset with db presses... still, i did them like crap cuz i was just trying to rush so bad, i forgot to actually work out... even if it was short it coulda been retarded intense, but apparentely i forgot about that part....

long story short, i sucked today. just no balls

spider-man 06-29-2008 07:20 AM

Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider
haven't posted in a while.

changed my split:
Im doing morning and evening workouts

sunday: complete rest day
monday: thighs-arms, forearms
tuesday: cardio, abs
wednesday: chest,back- shoulders,traps,calves
thursday: thighs-arms, forearms
friday: cardio, abs
saturday: chest, back- shoulders,traps,calves

this way, each muscle is hit every 3-4 days, keeping my volume low however no more than 6 sets for each muscle each workout. So my workouts are super short. in and out of the gym in 40 minutes or less.

the cardio will work as an active recovery.

First routines of the week are with a rep range of 5-8, with the second routine a rep range of 10-15. So its a heavy/light split.

im keeping my calories super high still, trying to add as much muscle and strength as possible. 6000 kcals or more.

cardio is light intensity, right after i work my abs (trying to spot reduce my waist a little) cuz nobody ever WANTS fat there.

didn't get a morning workout today, so i did chest/back in the evening. it seemed more appropriate to work the larger muscles while neglecting the smaller ones, than vice versa.

im doing very well, though i need to do some pullovers my thorax is lookin shrivled.... I will try to do them at least once a week from now on.

spider-man 07-11-2008 05:43 AM

Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider
freak, just got over being sick... This is really sucky i am under 200 pounds again... just so NOT COOL!!!

Idk what the freak i had but it has been making me sick the last two weeks throwing up can't eat blah blah BLAAAAAAH!!!

i feel fat and flat and weak.... FREAK!!

ok so im gonna hit the gym again starting tomorrow with an unrivaled intensity cuz I WANT IT BACK AND MORE!!!

same split as above, but im changing the workouts slightly... and i am doing abs when i do weight trainig three times a week.

Gonna do pure 100% HIT training. Three sets for chest and back, 2 for quads and hams, two for arms.

1 set, each exercise. super set. So like 1 set decline superset flys.

freakin lame.... weigh like 196 and fatter and probably gonna be super weak...

Commander 07-11-2008 02:06 PM

Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider
You'll get it back man, don't worry, we all hit roadblocks. Good to get it out of your system now...especially if you are gonna do the challenge in August.

spider-man 07-12-2008 02:23 AM

Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider
what challenge in august?

Commander 07-14-2008 02:14 PM

Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider
Here you go...

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