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RollTide 05-10-2008 01:19 PM

Losing Sleep...
One of my biggest problems, by far...

I have to work out in the evenings. After a really good work out I have a lot of energy, a good pump, I'm excited about tomorrows workout and then it comes time to rest and recoup...and I never fall asleep. I lose focus b/c I'm tired. It throws my program off for a couple days. It's a constant cycle. Week or 2 of good lifts and exercises and then one day after a great workout no sleep again.

It's really holding me back. I see huge swings in my weight. Sometimes up to 8-10lbs.

Commander 05-12-2008 02:01 PM

Re: Losing Sleep...
What are you doing to unwind after your workouts?
Do you have a chance to sit down and read a book for example?
Are you able to adjust your schedule accordingly, i.e. go to bed later and sleep in later? So you can give yourself time for the adrenaline to run its course without having to get anxious about sleep.

bigbear6708 05-28-2008 04:58 PM

Re: Losing Sleep...
i know what you mean man...what kind of supplements do you use? might be because u are using an NO supp w/ caffeine or some other stimulant in it..if thats the problem look into either not using them or try to find one w/out stimulants..esp. that close to bed.

majinbijiita 06-17-2008 04:02 PM

Re: Losing Sleep...
Take a multi 45-1hr before sleep.
Then in those 45mins do something like read, with a low level light, and in a comfy chair. Maybe even some REALLY relaxing music in the backround.

And stressing out about not sleeping just makes you more unable to sleep, so if you aren't sleeping, don't stress out, just do something relaxing and get your mind off the fact you should be getting sleep. Know what I mean?

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