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joneser3eb 02-27-2008 05:27 PM

Let the training journal comence!!....ok now. go already
Ok so I have been cutting for about six months and I am not ready to begin a bulk. My goal is to be around 200-210 and lean, if I go beyond that a little so be it but that is my starting point. before my cut I was at 215 but had about 40 pounds of fat that I did not need. So Now that I am trim I would like to put the muscle back on. I already eat very clean so I am just going to do a clean bulk because I have the ability to pack on fat. I just plan on adding in clean carbs to my diet up until the last two or three meals of the day.

My sups are of course Whey,creatine,Glutamine,fish oil,vitamin C.

Other than that I have started a bulking workout consisting of three days a week of lifting and two or three days of cardio. I will start and post my diet plan and workout as the days progress.

Right now Im 6.0 and 180. Im am not sure of body fat but I would estimate at around 12%.

Here goes nothing

I think this will help me stay on track with my goals as I am finding bulking to be harder than cutting.

joneser3eb 02-28-2008 05:04 PM

Re: Let the training journal comence!!....ok now. go already
today was an off day but the DOMS have set in. those are painful! but I really am enjoying the new workout. I will be posting my entire routine diet and exercise when i get more time.

joneser3eb 03-10-2008 06:14 PM

Re: Let the training journal comence!!....ok now. go already
Ok so here it is after finally waiting forever to start writing in my journal. I will start off with my meals/nutrition.

Meal (1)Everyday starts exactly the same way, a nice big bowl of Oats and a whey protein shake.

Meal (2) is of course the Pwo shake on workout days.
On days off I always have a piece of whole grain bread with a chicken breast or turkey burger patty and a load of celery.

Meal (3) I have a chicken breast with Broccoli and either brown rice or a sweet potaoe in whatever form I feel that day. some days I will cut up into "fingers" others I have it baked. use a little flax oil on top. sometimes some safflower oil too.

Meal (4) usually a green salad with bell peppers and either steak or tuna mixed in I use flax oil and apple cider vinegar as my dressing. Once in awhile I will throw in a few hard boild eggs instead and I throw in a little corn.

Meal (5) Omellet consisting of salsa and broccoli maybe a little cottatge cheese.

Meal (6) cottage cheese. a little dried fruit. lowfat yougurt and some green beans.

Meal (7)salad with ham and turkey mixed in or if its a non workout day typically my last meal before bed and I will just have cottage chees with a salad.

Meal (8) this is usually only on workout days that I am up long enough to have eight meals but I will eat cup of cottage cheese and a salad or whatever veggie I am up for at the time.

I eat alot of celery and canned grean beans and go through a ton of broccoli.

joneser3eb 03-10-2008 06:33 PM

Re: Let the training journal comence!!....ok now. go already
today is typically Chest, shoulders, and Tris.

I do a every two week workout, meaning every two weeks I change back and forth between two workouts for every body part.

So I for example do decline and incline bench three sets each, first two are warmup with light,then medium weight. then go heavy on the last set to failure. then I go medium wieght and do one superset for on the last set of each of decline dumbell flys and incline flys strict form and go for the strech

I follow this with shoulders 4 sets of shoulder presses

then 4 sets of heavy behind the back tricep dips thats it for today. have been on this workout for two weeks now and have not gained to much weight about two mayb two and half pounds but I am doing it clean bulk so makes it little harder.

joneser3eb 03-13-2008 05:23 PM

Re: Let the training journal comence!!....ok now. go already
did bies, back and forearms. same as with other workouts I switch between two workouts every two weeks. I did incline dumbell curls three sets
preacher curls three sets
standing alternating dumbells

for back

incline rows 4 sets
dead lifts 3 sets


easy curl bar
reverse easy curl bar. both until failure.

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