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lifting5 01-17-2007 03:31 AM

A Change of Pace
So I had always believed more was better in the bodybuilding world. More sets, more muscle, ya know, the popular belief of many weight lifters. I'm constantly reading the posts on this website and I had read a little about High Intensity Training. I noticed that several members on this site advocated for it. I read a little more, and then talked to DirtBagDan about it, and he was very helpful. He advised me to buy Mike Mentzers book on HIT, which I did, and I just finished it. The methods of HIT caught my attention, and Mentzers opinions are very intriguing. I've decided to try HIT for awhile since I'm very busy with school and work and I just don't have to time to train 5 days a week. The principles of HIT seem very intelligent to me, and I'm certain that if I follow the correct program then I should see great results.
So here goes my first stint with HIT training. Any comments or suggestions are welcome,and I would love input from those who have experimented with HIT.

lifting5 01-17-2007 03:37 AM

Re: A Change of Pace
1-16-07 Chest and back
Dumbell flys ss Incline barbell press
25x12 ss 135x5

Straight-arm pulldowns ss close grip pulldowns
120x14 ss 150x8


First workout went really well, I love the fact that you only have one set so you can get super psyched up for it. I tend to look ahead to the end of workouts and get overwhelmed by the amount of sets I had left. Not anymore! I'm sill learning a lot about HIT, and it will take me some time to get used to the 4 second concentric and eccentric cadence. Also, I'm having to experiment with the weights to find out the correct amounts for each exercise. I went a little too light today, but I should be able to pinpoint the correct weights within the next couple workouts. I went fairly light since I took a week off to enjoy the last days of break plus read all of Mike's book. I'm just following Mentzers beginner workout right now, and then I plan to implement my own strategy later on. I'm really excited about HIT, feel free to comment or critique anything!

lifting5 01-20-2007 07:48 PM

Re: A Change of Pace
1-19-07 Legs
Leg extension ss leg press
150x19 ss 4px20

Lying hamstring curls

Standing calf raises

Good workout, still experimenting with weights, went way too light today.

lifting5 01-25-2007 03:12 AM

Re: A Change of Pace
1-24-07 Arms
Shoulder lateral raise machine

Barbell curls

Tricep pressdowns ss dips
50x12 ss BWx5

Good workout, really enjoying the HIT routines. Still experimenting with the right weight.

lifting5 01-30-2007 02:32 AM

Re: A Change of Pace
1-29-07 Chest and back

Pec deck ss Nautilus incline press
175x11 ss 200x6

Nautilus pullover machine ss close grip pulldowns
150x9 ss 100x6

Really good workout, first time using the Nautilus machines and I really liked them. Had to lift in between classes so I did not have time to deadlift, which was ok because my abs were very sore from playing basketball. I need to start doing some crunches!

lifting5 01-31-2007 11:01 PM

Re: A Change of Pace
1-31-07 Legs

Nautilus leg extensions ss nautilus leg press
155x16 ss 390x14

Nautilus lying leg curls

Calf raises
100x16, rest pause 4

Good workout, had to experiment with new weight since I was using new machines. Really like the Nautilus machines, they are soooo smooth.

lifting5 02-02-2007 09:43 PM

Re: A Change of Pace
2-2-07 Arms
Nautilus lateral raise machine
180x11 (last 4 were assisted)

Reverse dumbbell flys

Tricep pressdown ss dips
60x9 ss BWx7

Nautilus curl machine

lifting5 02-06-2007 03:47 PM

Re: A Change of Pace
2-6-07 Chest and back

Pec Deck ss Nautilus incline press
175x6 ss 200x7

Nautilus pullover machine ss close-grip pulldowns
150x11 ss 100x8 (last3 rest pause)

Nautilus row machine
155x10 (last 3 rest pause)

Good workout, went up weight or reps in everything!

lifting5 02-09-2007 12:23 AM

Re: A Change of Pace
2-8-07 Legs

Nautilus leg extension ss Nautilus leg press
155x21 390x13.5 (didn't have a parter for the forced rep)

Nautilus lying leg curl

Calf raises
100x16 (rest pause 5)

Awesome workout, maybe the best leg day I've ever had. I'm really loving the HIT training.

lifting5 02-11-2007 01:05 AM

Re: A Change of Pace
1-9-07 Arms

Nautilus Shoulder raise machine

Reverse flys

Pressdowns ss dips
60x10 ss 8xBW

Nautilus curl machine

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