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JamesErlJonesLuv 04-18-2004 12:29 PM

JamesErlJonesLuv\'s Cut (Comments Appreciated)
Well This is my second try at this since I strained my hamstring a week ago I decided to take the week off and just start over since i was only in my first week so here we go again...

17 y/o
13% BF

Ok I will be using the 13 week Diet but not the workouts for the first 3 weeks i will be taking in an average of 2225 cals unless i need to adjust. My diet will be pretty much the same from day to day and is as follows

Whey 110/1.5/3/23
1/2 cup oatmeal 150/3/27/5
3 egg whites 45/0/0/9
Totals: 305/4.5/30/37

Unsalted Peanuts 170/14/6/7
Rave's Protein Bar 220/10/15/20
Totals: 390/24/21/27

Whole Wheat Bread 180/2/36/8
Turkey 80/4/0/11
Salad 15/0/3/1
Just 2 Good Italian Dressing 35/2/4/0
Bottle Of Water
Totals: 310/8/43/20

Brown Rice 170/1.5/34/4
Tuna 90/1/0/20
1 TBSP Natty 95/8/3.5/4
5g Creatine
Green Tea
Bottle Of Water
Totals: 355/10.5/37.5/28

Whey 110/1.5/3/23
Gatorade 125/0/35/0
5g Creatine
5g Glutamine
400 IU Vitamin E
Totals 235/1.5/38/23

Chicken 260/6/22/28
Salad 15/0/3/1
Dressing 35/2/4/0
Green Tea
Totals 310/8/29/29

Snack (if hungry)
Unsalted Peanuts 170/14/6/7

30 Min Be4 Shake ZMA

Whey 110/1.5/3/23
Natty 1 TBSP 95/8/3.5/4
Cottage Cheese 110/4.5/6/11
5g Glutamine
Totals: 315/14/12.5/38

Daily Totals: 2390/84.5/217/209
That's Approx. 31.8%/36.3%/34.9%

Well Guess it's time to go lift now I will post the workout later

JamesErlJonesLuv 04-18-2004 01:59 PM

Re: JamesErlJonesLuv\'s Cut (Comments Appreciated)
Today was a good workout the pump in my chest was great...I decided to take Yu's workout and change it up a little bit so here is wut i did...Workout took 58 min.

Bench Barx25/135x15/155x12/165x10/180x6/135x12/95x20 (Flex 30 sec. btwn. each set)
Flat DB Bench 35x10/35x8/35x6 (static hold for 30 sec. each set and 20 sec. of fascia stretching per side btwn. sets)
Inc. DB ss/Inc DB Flyes 30x12;12/30x10;10/30x8;8/30x6;6
Inc. Pushups 15/12/8/6/4/8/10

Well that's it for today may do cardio and abs later and will post calorie totals for day later on tonight

Vlad 04-18-2004 02:02 PM

Re: JamesErlJonesLuv\'s Cut (Comments Appreciated)
Good luck bro!

You think you can replace PB with Flaxeed oil (pre-bed) and maybe increase the amount of cottage cheese?

JamesErlJonesLuv 04-18-2004 03:08 PM

Re: JamesErlJonesLuv\'s Cut (Comments Appreciated)
Thanx Vladde...Well I love my PB but i could try it of course i would have to order some flax seed oil first

JamesErlJonesLuv 04-18-2004 09:17 PM

Re: JamesErlJonesLuv\'s Cut (Comments Appreciated)
Well I Did cardio wasn't to hard just jumped rope for like 10 min nothing special...anyway my calorie totals for the day were


JamesErlJonesLuv 04-19-2004 08:35 PM

Re: JamesErlJonesLuv\'s Cut (Comments Appreciated)
Ok Well Here is my workout for the day...Today was biceps and wasn't as hard as it could've been but it did the job...Workout took about 35 min

Ez Curl Bar 21's (10 sec static hold every 7 reps and 30 sec. flex btwn. each set) 30x21/40x21/46x21/50x21

Olympic BB Curls (fascia stretching and 30 sec. of flex)

Rev. Curls Barx10/Barx10/Barx10/Barx10

Ez Curl Bars 100 reps

Macro Totals:

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